Lori Reed
Patron or customer? Do you care or are you indifferent to what term is used?
i used to be for patron (must be the classicist in me) but i think i've moved on to user now rather than patron or customer - weelibrarian
I prefer patron or user, customer just seems weird to me for the library - Sir Shuping is just sir
"Patron" is what I use when I write about them. I know "user" is popular, but I associate the word with drug users and addicts, so I don't use that term. Customer sounds too much like someone buying something (at least, to me). - Katy S
When I can't get away with "student" or "professor" I use "patron." It's one of the many small things I do to maintain a habit of respect towards the people I'm assisting. It reminds me that without them, there wouldn't be a library. It also reminds me that my work is important enough to warrant patronage. - lris
You know how we roll. - Julian
another vote for what Iris said. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
I have been using "clients" for ages. I am in a small special library and most of the work is virtual. It seems to fit my perceptions of the relationship. - suelibrarian
patron. or student :) - maʀtha
I did a survey and the users who responded preferred "user". - Deborah Fitchett
patron, though when I call coworkers for someone to see them I usually say Lady or gentleman if I don't know the person. - Hedgehog
Hey, only "users" lose drugs - Eric Sizemore
and, I say patron in the library, and client outside the library - at coffee with one, say, or at their office - Eric Sizemore
"customers" are people who pay at the point of use, or are at least directly billed for services, I think. I prefer "client" or "user" - DJF
i use patron or user (or students, as those are my users). And I will admit to making judgments about a library's service philosophy based on which term they use (client, customer don't represent a philosophy I want to work with...) - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
MPOW uses customer. I don't like it - but it's the culture here, so I go with it. I tend toward to say users at any other point in time though. - ellbeecee
Polly, that doesn't work for those of us in academic libraries :) - DJF
user. - Jenica
I prefer "patron." MPOW is trying to push "customer." - bentley
(And I hate it when people twist words around and say that when we call people "patrons" we are patronizing them. Do even know what the word "patron" means?) - bentley
I like customer because it connotes "customer service". Patron sounds snooty or arty to my ear. Taxpayer? Seriously? I have a nerdy poli sci major bee in my bonnet about the transition in our society from thinking of ourselves as citizens (who have shared obligations to society) to taxpayers (who are entitled to something, but owe nothing to society other than the taxes they don't want to pay in the first place.) How about "Citizen User"? ;-) - Peter Bromberg
I could get behind just calling everyone citizen :) - maʀtha
"comrade" - DJF
user. but in presentations i frequently say "members of the mcgill community" cuz some peeps hate "user" - jambina
I hate "customer." I'm not selling anything. I use "user" in impersonal settings like articles and "patron" if I'm talking about a specific person at the service desk. - Jason P
user makes me think of software user. - maʀtha
I think I picked up 'patron' in library school. It feels like an antiquated term, though. I think I prefer 'user'. (edit: I do a lot of thinking, apparently) - colgoni
Patron. I worked in the corporate world, and a consumer is someone you try to take advantage of by selling them things they dont need. And I like the connotation of 'patron." - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤