Megan loves summer
Google tells me that this is a hot phrase for library job ads: "Capacity to thrive in an exciting, ambiguous, future-oriented environment and to respond with agility to changing needs and priorities." Does "ambiguous" really attract applicants?
Maybe. - Jason P
^^^^^^ beat me to it. Seriously, though, it may not be attractive, but it's honest, which I dig. - RepoRat
I'm sorry, Megan, I had to. :) I admit it wouldn't do much to attract me. It's an odd phrasing. - Jason P
I'm mostly impressed with the copy-and-pasteage with that phrase - Megan loves summer
*goes to check our job ads* - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
I think I dislike "future-oriented" more. Other than an archives (and even then not always) shouldn't we all be future oriented? - Hedgehog
The successful candidate will be provided with a spacesuit. - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
Depends on your negotiation skills. - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
It's all up in the air... - Megan loves summer
jetpacks will be contingent based on the ability of the candidate to bring in grant funding in order to purchase jet packs - Hedgehog
I don't know....I find the word "ambiguous" to be a huge red flag. I guess for me the connotation for that word is "management here possibly sucks and we haven't figured out you job description for real yet. just fyi". Of course, if that is what you mean, I applaud them for putting it in the job ad. Maybe my library should have used that entire phrase...would have been more honest probably. - MontglaneChess
Maybe the word doesn't mean what they think it means #vizziniismylibrarydirector - Zamms
For me it'd mean "management here possibly sucks and there may be a restructuring in the near future which will make your position redundant. Also we have a tin-ear and couldn't think of a more positive way to spin it." - Deborah Fitchett
I'm always amazed at "energetic" in library job ads. Where are the ads for "sluggish, barely sentient applicants encouraged"? - barbara fister
... or is "energetic" code for "be prepared to work your ass off"? It seems to be in every. Single. Position announcement. - barbara fister
I always thought "Energetic" was code for young. - Katy S
^^^^^^^^^^^^ that. - RepoRat
(So long as those energetic types have 5+ years experience in doing exactly this job) - Hedgehog from Android
all right, my sense of depression is now complete. Blergh. - barbara fister
I admire their honesty - maybe it would have been better to say: "If you ain't up for this wild roller-coaster ride we call librarianship, please don't apply." - Jen
That's for an academic job right? Why not just say (in 5th grade (or lower) language) "We are looking for someone who gets how we do things today and has ideas about how we could improve what we do today to make room for stuff we don't know about that we could be doing tomorrow." - Aaron the Librarian
That blurb just about describes every job ever. - Andy
For every future oriented workplace, there must be a past oriented one to balance it out. - Andy
How is this not the job description for parenthood? - Andy
Ambiguous=We don't know what we want you to do. We're not sure what's next. But we expect you to figure it out anyway. - Rachel Walden
Now I want to make a mock dating site profile and put that the box labeled "what you are looking for in a partner" and see who answers it. - Andy
If they were really honest they'd just say "Job isn't really secure." No need for so many words. It'd be more honest if they'd put "Job security euphemism here" instead. - henry
Personally, I wouldn't want a job that isn't ambiguous. (But I want an unambiguous paycheck.) - barbara fister
Jeez had to check my job ad for any "fail". I *think* we avoided pitfalls. It reads like it is here at LPL. Challenging but wide open for innovation. Lumps-on-a-log not welcome. - Marge LW
Dissenting opinion here: I LOVE the fact that a job ad would describe a certain work culture as an "exciting, ambiguous, future-oriented environment". In fact, when I read this in the McGill (I think?) job ad, I thought, "Now that would be a great place to work!" You see, I work in a (academic) library environment that is sadly adverse to change and risk. My experience is that too many librarians fear change and are very uneasy with uncertainty. Therefore, I really respect and appreciate an administration that is willing to say "We're not playing it safe. We're taking risks. Shit's gonna get real here." Now THAT, to me, sounds like a great job! - Library Fool
Ranks right up there with "Other duties as assigned." - Larry Schwartz