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Steele Lawman
I hope no one is scandalized by my posting digital copies of the LSW zines. Here's Codslap (LSW Zine #1). The "booklet" file is if you want to print it and saddle-staple it. The "non-booklet" will be easier to read onscreen.
Thank you, good sir. - Zamms
I can be scandalized if no one else wants shoulder the burden. - Blake
Does the source have an impact factor yet? - Joe
The impact factor of the Cod is immeasurable. - Kirsten
Kirsten's comment made me LOL. - RepoRat
The impact factor of the Cod depends on the force with which it is swung. - Catherine Pellegrino
... Not scandalized because FINALLY I WILL GET TO SEE A COPY, Steve... - Kathryn is a free elf