I thought Juanita already worked for Dysart Jones... - Zamms
yes, but it reads better if they're bringing on TWO new consultants. standard communication tactic. - Jenica
Funny. Cos I thought "Dude, we landed STEVE F-IN ABRAM!" would suffice!! - Zamms
Right so they mention all the stuff about Juanita first so that you'll read all about her to get to the Steve Effing Abram part. Raises her profile or something. - LibrarianOnTheLoose
Also, my fairness urge kicks in: did they do a big press release when Juanita joined? If not, why not? Why is Stephen so special? :) - Jenica
Don't they know that librarians are not special snowflakes? A blog post told me so. Another blog post also told me that everyone in the library is special and a hero too. Sure, agreeing with both of these ideas will slowly rip my brain to pieces, but that's the price of peace in this profession. - Andy
How long has Juanita been there? My brain is fried, but I could've sworn when I met her at SLA in July, she was already at Dysart & Jones. - Zamms
Yes, yes she was. - LibrarianOnTheLoose
they are announcing both now because it's OLA and it'll get the most bang for it's buck. - jambina
see? communication tactics. :) - Jenica
She has "experience on both sides of the information industry." She knows country AND western? both kinds. - Joe