Settling in at the Colorado College reference desk. And I don't even have to answer any questions!
Lazypants. - maʀtha
How many lakes are there in Minnesota? - maʀtha
I need evidence to support my argument that recruiting high school students benefits the military - maʀtha
Do you have any vanilla folders? What about chocolate? - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
(psst, Martha: ask her if they have tape.) - Catherine Pellegrino
well, it's certainly better for the military than it is for the high school students. - DJF
What's the fastest animal on earth? - Steven M. Cohen
Turns out, it's WAY easier to troubleshoot off-campus access issues (in my email) from Steve's ref desk than from mine. Woo! - lris
(notice me NOT answering any of your questions. HA) - lris
Yes, there is also lots of published information that indicates that many of these high school students are woefully under qualified to do much of anything except fill spaces - maʀtha
(you ask her if she has tape) - maʀtha
When Steve gets chat reference questions he now asks me if it's me or anyone I know before he answers.... :-) - lris
I need a double blind, RCT proving that red wine cures cancer - oh, and it needs to short - maʀtha
I need that double blind article because I already WROTE in my paper that red wine causes cancer. I just need the article to prove my statement. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
she is ignoring us - maʀtha
(Martha is so perceptive) :-) - lris
I can now provide independent verification that Steve is a good reference librarian. - lris
*stamps Steve with the Iris Seal of Accreditation* - Marianne