LSW: Joe
Remember that OA journal project that I started discussions about a month ago? Well, we have a title (/Journal of Creative Library Practice/) and we are considering a hosting service. In short, we want to encourage more discussion of librarian creativity. Now that we have a focus, anybody else want to jump on board?
And, this is not just an LSW thing, we would like to have authors from any library or info center who would like to discuss their creative endeavors, not just LSWers. - Joe
I am guessing the launch will be anywhere from 3-9 month with our first issue. Depends on how quickly things move this summer and fall. - Joe
Great idea for a journal. I'd like to read more about how librarians are stimulating creativity in their organizations. You might be interested in checking out a special issue of Urban Library Journal from a few years ago that focused on "The Creative Library" - - it demonstrates that we have some truly creative folks in this profession - steven bell
Go bug the Library as Incubator Project for an article -- and tell them I told you to. Two out of three of them were my students. :) - RepoRat
Was planning on citing that article/issue for the opening explanation for the new j. - Joe from iPod
To RR, will certainly do. - Joe from iPod
Oh and Steven, congrats on the ACRL shindig. - Joe from iPod