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Rachel Walden
Have heard from a couple of students lately who were looking for print textbooks because they're trying to stay off the computer. Anybody else seeing that? Makes a kind of sense, that they are trying to minimize distractions this way.
Don't know if I've had that particular reason, but certainly lots of students preferring print textbooks to electronic for various reasons - whether eyestrain, or need to use the computer *next* to the print, or the print's just easier to search/browse/use, or.... - Deborah Fitchett
I've heard that before. - Marianne
Not to mention students who've figured out that an e-textbook that costs, say, 30% less than a print textbook is really more expensive since it can't be sold used. - Walt Crawford
Whoa, no. - Meg VMeg
I know some high school students who have online access to their textbooks who definitely prefer the print textbook and only use the online versions if they forget their books at school. - Katy S
Walt, this is students using our collection, not purchasing their own. - Rachel Walden
Interesting, thanks for your replies. I don't think this is something we've thought much about as we make collection decisions... - Rachel Walden