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Steele Lawman
ACS is asking for a 7.4% increase. If we wait past Oct. 31 to decide, it's a bigger increase. I hate them.
Who doesn't hate ACS? (Don't get me started). - Angel R. Rivera
I would love to see "Occupy the ACS" - Steele Lawman
Next week is OA Week. Gotta be some way to culturejam ACS. Could we all tweet ACS price increases at once? - RepoRat
I just increased my hate by 7.4% - barbara fister
They can ask for it all they want. - Andy
^^^ THAT is the kind of talk I wanna see more of. - RepoRat
Followup: are they truly *asking* or are they telling you? What are the consequences of not agreeing to an increase? - Andy
Just cancel the whole thing. If everyone did cancel, they might get the message? - Aaron the Librarian
Consortial deals -- like the Big Deals themselves -- look good for libraries, but in reality they just add inertia to the whole clusterfuck. So the Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries says our new share of the new deal is 1.074 times the old cost. So we aren't really dealing with ACS directly at all, which ends up being to their benefit more than ours in this case. - Steele Lawman
It would take one hell of an uprising to get a bunch of libraries to cancel ACS publications. I like Dorothea's suggestion - but even sharing actual prices would be a scary proposition to many librarians. I'd love to do it, though. What gets me is that happy postscript, "hey, we're adding two new journals!" WHO THE F$CK ASKED FOR THEM?!? - barbara fister
I'm in favor of one hell of an uprising, personally. Then again, I got no skin in the chemistry game. - RepoRat
That's my joy/curse, too. It's pretty easy for the humanities librarian to be all "first thing we do, let's kill all the chemistry subscriptions." - Steele Lawman
10% worth of pain here. Add that to a severe state budget SNAFU and things may be coming to a head soon. - Jen from BuddyFeed
@Barbara: This is a Wikileaks sort of moment. Anonymous disclosures! - Andy
I am just about to make an ACS slide for my Open Science Summit presentation! - Meg VMeg
If I weren't out of town and mostly offline and one-finger typing this on an iThing, I'd want to open a conversation about the ROI on ACS accreditation for chemistry programs. Especially at non-R1 schools. - Catherine Pellegrino from iPod
This would be an even better page in the LIS Vendor Info wiki: right on the ACS page. - Stephen Francoeur
OKAY let's do it. Monday: round up the price increases that you feel are unconscionable and post them on Twitter, Facebook, the sidewalk, anywhere you care to name names and place the blame. Tag with #OAweek. I mean, we're librarians. We're all about sharing information, right? If it feels unsafe for some reason, DM me and I'll get the numbers out for you. - barbara fister
^^^ this is because I'm too cowardly to cancel ACS journals in protest; our chemists would hate me, not ACS - over which they tell me they have no control. Bah. - barbara fister
Pricing: [see also "Extortion"] *giggles like a mad woman* - Kirsten
OA Hulk might also be pressed into service on this one. HULK SMASH ACS! - RepoRat
The link to an ACS exec saying OA is socialized science is a perfect expression of why we need to occupy scholarship. - barbara fister
Oog. If it's that exec who sullies my last name, I have no articulate words. He does lie--er, misinterpret--with the best of them. - Walt Crawford
You could sort up a Tumblr that allows for people to submit pics (with the option of feeding it into OA Hulk's Twitter feed.) It creates another layer of anonymity to protect people. - Andy
I'll set up the feed-to-Twitter if somebody Tumblr-enabled sets that up. - RepoRat
I've made it a personal mission to insert information like this about price hikes into conversations with faculty. Generally, they have no idea. None. - maʀtha
One of my five thousand projects on my list to is for the library to do a full scale education campaign for faculty, for us to be much more transparent, rather than continuing to just make it work, regardless of budget cuts and ever increasing costs. - maʀtha
In my experience, physicists will say "what? Cancel that sucker, it's way too expensive" and chemists will say "but this is essential. You can't even dream of canceling these journals." - barbara fister
My ideal librarian response: "Fine. How much will the department pony up to keep them?" Because seriously, there's a campus equity problem here; the library does NOT exist just for the freakin' chemists. - RepoRat
Barbara: Which could be why physicists have arXiv and chemists have ACS. Although correlation and causation aren't necessarily linked... - Walt Crawford
I wonder sometimes if faculty wear ear plugs when it comes to costs.... - Hedgehog
Ours aren't that head-in-the-sand, Abigail. I feel like those who are aware feel the same catch-22 that we feel, where it's crazy to pay those costs, but seems crazy to do without the stuff they feel they need. Getting faculty understanding is just the start of finding a solution, I'm afraid. - Steele Lawman
Also, our departments don't have money; we're the ones with the big budget. And they seem to feel helpless to change ACS. - barbara fister
Their not having money is not the point, IMO. The larger point is "ACS is eating everybody else's budget; pony up or we cancel." Then we'll see how long the learned-helplessness lasts. - RepoRat
Well, they did offer to write a letter to admin to make the case for more funding. I don't think it will work. I don't think it would work if we threatened to cancel, either. - barbara fister
I'm not in favor of threatening to cancel, I'm in favor of just canceling. Our ACS subscription is a huge drain on resources in which 90% of the titles see higher cost per use than purchasing the articles a la carte. - Aaron the Librarian
Secret Agent Fister, your post was just sent to the SUNY Council of Library Directors. AND NOT BY ME, hallelujah, someone else is listening. - Jenica
Wheee! (Too bad IHE is rolling out a new interface that is so buggy right now...) - barbara fister
Your IHE post is up. OA Hulk has already tweeted it, in fact. - RepoRat
What would happen if a whole bunch of libraries refused to pay the increase and just renewed at last year's costs? Would ACS really cut off access? That's not to say that I don't love the idea of canceling! - Galadriel C.
But has IHE just disallowed comments on blogs? Or is that just part of initial bugginess? - RepoRat
ACS would cut off access. While librarians refuse to say "no" and mean it, ACS holds all the cards and they damned well know it. They would LOVE to pit chemists against librarians; they're pretty sure librarians would lose. - RepoRat
Well then, it's time for librarians to pull out their thick armor, unify, and head out to the battle fields. - Galadriel C.
I think if librarians go to war against chemists (or literary critics or sociologists or whomever) we have already lost. Now going to war alongside chemists, etc. against publishers like ACS would be a beautiful thing. - Steele Lawman
Steve, that's what I'm trying to do. I'm not against our chemists -- I want to help them. But *their* professional organization is shooting us all in the feet, so *they* need to help me fight back. First meeting was last month. I'm planning on another one in December, and dramatic changes to our ACS subscriptions come May. - Jenica
That sounds like the way to do it, Jenica. - Steele Lawman
God, I hope so, because I'm running out of ideas. - Jenica
Secret Agent Fister, your post was sent to the PASSHE Library Directors (not by me, as I am not on that list) - but to echo Jenica: "Hallelujah, someone else is listening" Plus, was passed along to the MPOW librarians and the MPOW chemistry department by the Interim Associate Dean ;) - Aaron the Librarian
whoa. I hope chemists get a little embarrassed that they have let their society get outta control. - barbara fister
@Steve - By unifying I was thinking of librarians+chemists not librarians vs. chemists, but that didn't come through; so, thanks for clarifying! - Galadriel C.
Ah, gotcha Galadriel. - Steele Lawman
Link? - Andy
Link to Barbara's piece? Here: - Steele Lawman
Gracias! - Andy
Man, when I grow up, I want to be just like Barbara Fister. - Andy
oooh, the official ACS rate hike here is 9.6% *unhappier* - Aaron the Librarian
are all of you seeing the shocking price hike negotiating your terms individually or as part of a licensing consortium? - Marie
For us it's with a consortium--see comment #9 above. I really think that in an odd way it's part of the problem. - Steele Lawman
Okay, I'm a little mortified to report that our subscription cost actually *dropped* by 6% for 2012. I guess the way they restructured the pricing scheme actually worked to our benefit? In any case, our ACS package accounts for approximately 1/8 of our total serials budget, and from 2010 to 2011 our subscription increased by 5.8%. It's through a statewide consortium. - Catherine Pellegrino
"our ACS package accounts for approximately 1/8 of our total serials budget" means you can totally still be in the club, Catherine. - Steele Lawman
Thanks, Steve. And that's not including SciFinder Scholar (our most expensive database, and we share 1 seat with two other schools). I'm still trying to dig up our cost-per-use data we had on that package from a while back. - Catherine Pellegrino
Cost per use data is interesting. Our SciFinder Scholar cost per use is significantly lower than some sociology database I can't remember (like SciFinder was <$1/use and Sociology was >$30/use). But there's NO WAY we can cancel the sociology database (which is not Sociological Abstracts). - DJF
IIRC, our cost-per-use (I guess technically it's cost-per-full-text) on the ACS package is something like >$100 per full text download. - Catherine Pellegrino