My mission today: to get the Old Spice guy to say something awesome about libraries.
I like these kinds of missions. More fun than, well, lots of things right now. - Andy
Let's eat peanut butter! Brilliant! - Mary Carmen
Andy you are full of mof*n awesome - ♫Maurice the Dolphin♫
Great job, "Wadworth"! - Jason P
I think this campaign is killing YouTube. It keeps going down. - Andy
Oddly enough, I had that term in one version of my Twitter profile awhile back. - Andy
I have no friggin' idea what this whole meme is about but I don't care because this is AWESOME. - Catherine Pellegrino
LOVED that. Way to go Andy! - lris
that is FREAKIN awesome! - John: Thread Killer
So schweet! - Ruth Kneale
"I'm handsome. You're Pretty." Where have I heard that recently? - Aaron the Librarian
Hehhehheh. - Marianne
man, oh man. - Marie
dorothea wins. - jambina