Rachel Walden
Rochelle, one of my Nashville friends just posted a link on fb to the seed library. Very cool!
I tossed it up on my Facebook after our Hillview Urban Ag Center FBed it https://www.facebook.com/home.... People are sharing like crazy..cuz it's cool! - Marge LW
Plus I am encouraging the staff movers and shakers to John-Cotton-Dana it next year. It is going to be amazing on every level - concept, collaboration, sustainability and libraries. Pole dancing and butchering will pal. - Marge LW
how cool! we're doing an episode of NCompass Live next month about setting up a seed saving program at a Nebraska library: http://nlc.nebraska.gov/scripts... - Christa
Semi-serious question: has Monsanto really not tried to police/prevent these groups? - Meg VMeg
If they're not circulating patented seeds, it shouldn't be an issue, but I'd be interested in how the intake process works. - Rachel Walden
the library in Nebraska is partnered with the Seed Savers Exchange, who works with heirloom seeds. so maybe not competition for Monsanto? - Christa
seed library - is this part of your serials collection? - maʀtha
Yeah, I was wondering if/how they have to prove that the seeds are what they say they are. - Meg VMeg
do they bear tiny call #s? or acquisition #s? I know people inscribe things on grains of rice - maʀtha
Years ago, when I got my serials acquisitions job, my friend Mark thought this is what I did, for realz - acquire seeds and grains for a library collection. - maʀtha
cereals acquisition! - Rachel Walden
Heehee - maʀtha