I have to open the library tomorrow but IT is moving in so the net will be down, databases will be down, wireless will be down, printers will be down, Sirsi for checkout will be down, etc. Not sure why we're even going to be open since we'll essentially just be a study hall. Should be back up at 2pm, but from 8am on? Oy.
Oh... dear. Maybe bring a bowl of candy, for soothing the sad folks? - Regular Amanda
Yeah, I was gonna pick up some donut holes from the shop near my house; I'm more concerned by the phone calls certain to come in from angry distance students. Also that IT was so flippant and whatever about the communication to said students. :| - Derrick
Any chance you can direct those angry distance students (and the on-campus ones as well) to IT's phone number / email address / physical campus office address? I'm a big fan of directing the discontent straight to the cause of said discontent, rather than absorbing it yourself when you had nothing to do with it. - Catherine Pellegrino
I'm mostly already over it, and I'm here in the mornings; there isn't a lot of activity really before noon on Saturdays (and IT claims to want to have everything back up by then, with 2p being their cushion), so yeah, I could. I've been praised for my customer service skills (aka shutting people down with firm kindness when they want to act all cray cray). Just a lot of fluster and emails going back and forth and ultimately *I'm* going to be the one that has to deal with it. - Derrick
This is work that should be done at around 3am. I like Catherine's suggestion - and wonder if not dealing directly with affected users stunts your sense of responsibility. - barbara fister
Barbara has exactly my point: you should NOT be the person who has to deal with it. IT should be that person. Which is why you refer the grumpy students to them, so that they can see, first hand, the effect of their piss-poor planning and maybe make better choices next time.* - Catherine Pellegrino
(my god I sound like a preschool teacher. SHOOT ME NOW.) - Catherine Pellegrino
The books will work. - Mike Nencetti
Wow, that's rough. I agree that this sounds like work that should be done at 3am. - Regular Amanda
If necessary, have the president's email address handy. Nothing gets attention like angry students emailing the president of the institution. - Rebecca Hedreen
Oooh, good point, Rebecca. Or at least the CIO, or whatever top-level administrator is in charge of IT. (Point of reference: I just got email from our CIO apologizing profusely for a similar system outage, similarly scheduled for 8:00 am tomorrow, but only expected to last 20 minutes. He literally said, "Normally we would do this type of upgrade in the wee hours of the morning. In this instance we need the hardware vendor to participate in the process as well and I just couldn't talk them into a 3 am phone call!") - Catherine Pellegrino
Thanks, all. My frustration isn't so much with the students who will be put out by this, but the fact that everyone involved with the decision making will be tucked away at home and I'll be the one looking like a chump. I did order a bunch of donuts to bring in and have on the desk along with my ever-present smiley face... - Derrick
...are their home phone numbers in the campus directory? Just sayin'... - Catherine Pellegrino