laura x
My Cod of Ethics mug is here! Perhaps we should send one to Elsevier?
OMG Send with real rotten cod and note, "Fake journals stink!" - Rachel Walden
They don't need a mug. They need a framed print. Suitable for hanging in the board room. Or over a urinal. you know, whichever is more appropriate. - DJF from twhirl
I have two zazzle coupons I can donate to the cause - maʀtha
I'd start with Daviess Menefee, Library Relations Director, d.menefee at, - Joe
Thinking about the possibilities for a LSW cod smack! video series. Like Feministing's "Friday Feminist F*** You" series but with a whole lot more complaining about Elsevier. :) - Rachel Walden
[Okay, semi-seriously, if anybody has a video camera and will be at MLA in two weeks, we could get some footage of the Elsevier booth and put something together. Might be fun!] - Rachel Walden
Does Zazzle do picket signs? Here's the media contact on their Health Sciences CEO's 'it's recently come to our attention that this went on for 5 years 4 years ago' statement - Nikki D.