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Steele Lawman
Not just like; love. - laura x
that is so freaking awesome - jönαthaη
it is, according to Wikicommons: - Steele Lawman
that's a beautiful thing... - holly #ravingfangirl
huge fan of cod; t-shirt please! - Jere
OMG, it is a cod! I want the t-shirt RIGHT NOW! - maʀtha
Wow. The people want Cod. I'll see what I can do. - Steele Lawman
I've never been so proud of a typo in my life. - laura x
Do we have a cafepress? Because I could definitely see myself hauling a bag with this or carrying a coffee mug. What can I do to help bring that about? - Hedgehog go watch this right now! I've seen this live and in person and it was wonderous! - maʀtha
Yeah, I'll talk to Josh. - Steele Lawman
LSW: throwing North Atlantic fishers out of work since 2009 - DJF
hmmm...what about a cod-piece of ethics? (yes, my dissertation is frying my brain cells) - Katy S
Katy, you beat me to it. I was gonna say, "I want a piece of that cod. I want a codpiece." - Laura Norvig
I'm glad this came out the ethics discussion. ^_^ - Laura
Freakin' eh! - Connie Crosby
So if a librarian does something unethical, we slap 'em with a cod? - Rachel Walden
thwack! - maʀtha
ZOMGWant! - Ruth Kneale
trying to figure out if I can 'splain that to new library students during my ALA Code of Ethics convo ... Totally awesome! - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
BTW are we dressing in look alike LSW attire for CIL? If yes, I need to know what to order. - Jill Hurst-Wahl
@Jill Hurst-Wahl well, a codpiece, for one thing. - Sia Stewart
Cleaned up, larger version here: - Check out "original size" for large version with transparent BG. - Ahniwa Ferrari
Ahniwa, that's excellent. - Steele Lawman