For anyone else who has recently heard reference to the "RDA coup d'etat" and wondered what it's about, here's the message in question: (originally posted to OCLC-Cat). I will admit to no knowing enough about cataloging to fully grok what's going on here, but isn't it a wee bit disingenuous to call...
something that's been in the works for 10 years a coup? - Kirsten
That's rather my impression as well. But yes, this was mostly bait for Mark. :-) - Kirsten
It does look very much like the AUTOCAT mafia but that thing is wrong on so many levels. First is the whole "We instruct the OCLC to do the following." OCLC *is* a member cooperative (debatable, I know) but catalogers are not the members; institutions are. I haven't been following these listserv discussions at all but if anyone imposed the tests it was the national libraries; the publishers certainly do not have that power. So why do they make it sound like the nationals are feeling pressured into testing? I wish I could say more but this just looks to be the work of someone very afraid and not responding rationally. I'm all for critique and RDA (and the test) have issues but this is, at best, FUD. - Mar₭ Liŋdŋer
Oh, I see, Kirsten! :P - Mar₭ Liŋdŋer
I'll check back in to this later but I'm about to watch a movie since I've been good with the homework and the thesis beginning and the office straightening, etc. - Mar₭ Liŋdŋer
It's only cuz you're smart and coherent, my friend. Enjoy the movie! - Kirsten
*grumble* all the exciting stuff happens on cataloging listservs *grumble* - Marie
Oh now Marie. You know you were just thrilled to be reading that acq module from subscription agents thread. - Kirsten
Here's the methodology for the test: - Kirsten
I had to look it up. Level K = Less-than-full input by OCLC participants; Level 7 = Minimal-level (See: - Kirsten
Post-Bathroom break. For the record, I have yet to meet a NYPL record that I like. They suck so his affiliation also does little to inspire me with confidence. - Mar₭ Liŋdŋer from iPod
Surprisingly, news of this coup d'etat doesn't seem to have hit AUTOCAT yet: - Peter Murray
And there's now a petition to sign, courtesy of the catalogers at IU-Bloominton - Kirsten
Kinda surprised it hasn't shown up on AUTOCAT yet, though. - Kirsten
IANAC, but it doesn't seem designed to solve anything, other than to help people keep their blinders firmly in place. - Kirsten
Exactly, Kirsten! Which is why I just need to face up to the conclusion that I seem to have given up (for now?) on this aspect of the field. Probably should shut the hell up but ... these kind of catalogers (majority or vocal majority?) are a lot like the Tea Party; jackasses that are going to drag all of us down! ::sigh:; - Mar₭ Liŋdŋer from iPod
Bumping cos I wanna. - Zamms