A list of Print-on-demand and self-publishing "Vanity presses" for librarians and faculty - Research Guides at University of the South Pacific -
"A list to identify publishers that accept work with no editorial screening, reprint titles in the public domain, or compile wikipedia articles and print them as books." - bentley from Bookmarklet
AAARRGGHHH! Self-publishing and vanity presses are two very different things. (Oh, and Lulu doesn't really specialize in photo books. There are others that do. Lulu does them, but it's clearly not a specialty.) - walt crawford
1. what Walt said. 2. how do i get a job in fiji? - jambina
As a profession, we are really going to have to drop the "self publishing is bad" attitude. It's like saying that music is only good if it comes from a major label. That said, working at a state school, actually getting independent press and POD materials can be a huge hassle because of limited acquisitions contracts and such. - Rebecca Hedreen