Time for a Danskobrarian role call, I think. Testify!
sorry, I am a Munrobrarian today - RepoRat
Yesterday: check. Tomorrow: probably check. Today: nope. Sorry! - Catherine Pellegrino
RR, pic please - maʀtha
Red Mary Janes today. - laura x
Nope, fluevogbrarian. :) - ellbeecee
Laurax, brand please - maʀtha
These shoes are six or seven years old; I can't *find* a pic of 'em! (No, I haven't been wearing them that long; they were bought as a "wear eventually" pair.) They're navy-blue leather oxfords with cloth tops, if that helps. - RepoRat
yesterday i was danskobrarian today it's keen... they're really not as comfy - Christina Pikas
Dansko. :) My only remaining pair, actually. I somehow lost my basic black clogs. - laura x
Red Dansko Mary Janes? *swoons* - Catherine Pellegrino
Black Born mary jane mules. - Katy S
I'll be wearing the patent leather black clogs, of course, my standard winter shoes - maʀtha
I too am a Fluevogbrarian today. Sorry! - WebGoddess
No, tan leather wingtips. - Derrick
D., I can't see you as Danskobrarian :) You are more of a bowtiebrarian - maʀtha
Today is a Naturalizer day, I'm afraid, but my Danskos are waiting patiently for me at home :) - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
Today I am an Eccobrarian :) - Caitlin
Professionals in red! - Kirsten
haha, yes. I totally am! :) - Derrick
I'm a newly converted Tomsbrarian. - Laura Krier
Asics, but that's only because I had to go out and get breakfast, otherwise it would be shearling-lined slippers :D - Katie
This is where I'm an outsider. High heels librarian? (Should be winter boot librarian if I were wiser.) - kaijsa
Black Blundstone 500s, same as every other day - DJF from Android
I'm an Ecco girl, pretty much every day. - Louise "Weezy" Alcorn
I switched to the brown velvet Dansko clogs - maʀtha
I need more shoes. MORE SHOES - maʀtha
martha, i weeded my shoes this morning. i think i managed to get rid of maybe 1/3 of my shoes. i should probably get tougher and try to get rid of a few more, but they mostly fit into one bin, so i'm enh about it :D - Katie
I weeded a bunch of shoes over the summer and also got some fixed. I need more shoes for work for winter, though. You know, "need". - maʀtha
i've got a list going of the shoes i "need" when i get the new job. first up: - Katie
Today I am an Earthabrarian, and also have a list of more shoes I "need". - Regular Amanda
Dansko yesterday, Reiker shearling-lined boots today due to cold+rain, with plans for Sanita tomorrow! - Galadriel C.
Oh, I'm liking those Bludstones. - Derrick
today I am Steve Maddening it - John: Thread Killer
that is a nice boot, Katie - maʀtha
it's one of the few where the shaft is actually wide enough that i don't need an insert to make it around my calf. - Katie
If I buy a pair, I need a lot more skirts... - maʀtha