barbara fister
What would you consider essential gadgetry for a young scholar's toolkit? A citation management program (Zotero?); an RSS reader (which?); their own little piece of the cloud (dropbox? Google apps?); what am I missing?
I'm revising a spring course as I go along. I don't want it to be too focused on tools, but I do want them to be aware of things that I use so often I am not oblivious. - barbara fister
Dropbox will CHANGE THEIR LIVES. I thought Griffey was just being all gadgety, but....really. Lifechanging. (Yes, I'm a relatively recent convert *librarianshame*.) I tell students about it and they freak out, it's so good. - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
I'm not sure when Warmaiden will learn to just listen to me. *sigh* I'd include Google Reader and most other Google apps, especially Docs. Collaborative editing of documents is awesome. Dropbox, as mentioned. Instapaper. Readability. Possibly Evernote or Onenote. Pinboard or Delicious for managing and finding web stuffs. - Jason Griffey
what do you all think of diigo? Mendeley? - barbara fister
Readability for sure, and AdBlock plus (well, if said young scholar is liable to be reading a lot of stuff on the web. I mostly use Dropbox to, um, access my music collection at work. Then again, I am not a young scholar. - laura x
A blog or website using WordPress or similar, and their own domain name... - Joe
DROP BOX!!!! - maʀtha
Ahh, they also need something like OpenOffice to write their papers and articles. - Joe
Google Docs for collaboration. - maʀtha
Jing for screenshots - maʀtha
google suite, dropbox, zotero, adium/pidgin, libx toolbar (if their library has one) - jambina
wow, I have not even heard of some of these. o_0 - barbara fister
Google? Oh, that is a search engine... - Joe
information management tools like using the filters and folders in e-mail, actually using something like Papers or Mendeley or Zotero to manage pdfs - Christina Pikas
Dropbox, Mendeley, Diigo or pinboard, Wordpress, Google Docs, RSS reader of choice, Photoshop, Friendfeed :-) - Mr. Gunn from YouFeed
Also a bit of perl, regex, R, would serve almost anyone well - Mr. Gunn from YouFeed
Isn't FF a given? - Joe
it certainly is for me. - barbara fister
what about (simple but daily use) tools to shorten URLs. Is there a difference among them? - barbara fister
I would add LinkedIn too if they are close to graduation - you can compare a casual to a more formal social network. I's also add Slideshare for presentations. - Elizabeth Brown
oh excellent - LinedIn would be very useful at this stage. And slideshare. I am a swine before perl, so I don't think I can add that one. :( - barbara fister
In order of absolute-can't-live-withoutness - Firefox, gmail with redirected email from dumbcorpsystem, Dropbox, Zotero, LibX (they can make their own for their own lib if they can cut and paste), Evernote, Google Reader, PLN on Twitter, membership of something like, - Kathryn is a free elf
such as? (and thank you all for doing my job for me by the way) - barbara fister
Absolutely. I was going to say use an iPad with Goodreader for large and small pdfs and use the "notes" markup option like crazy. Also - digital camera to take photos of thoughts on whiteboard before they are rubbed off and uploading to evernote that will then INDEX YOUR HANDWRITING #omgiliveinthefuture - Kathryn is a free elf
a solid laptop that they have set up just the way they like it....with all the apps installed and one they know how to tweak the wi-fi on - ~Courtney F