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The Cash Cow Has Left the Room | Peer to Peer Review (The inimitable Secret Agent Fister) -
"Derek Haank, former chairman of Elsevier Science and current head of Springer. He brings good news: that serials crisis we used to have? Relax, that ended years ago. He explains 'there was once a serial pricing problem. But it was the Big Deal that solved it.'" - Catherine Pellegrino from Bookmarklet
That dull boom you just heard? That was my head exploding. - Catherine Pellegrino
well, Haank never had a problem with serials prices. He's the one cashing the cheques, after all. - DJF
?!?! - N. Ansi
interesting logic. If it's any consolation Info Today isn't very high profile - some SLA members have mentioned they don't even open it. - Elizabeth Brown
Unfortunately, neither is OA very high profile--among scientists/researchers. Until that changes, the problem will just keep getting worse. - walt crawford
Unlike. - Joe from iPod
ResourceShelf had the link to the full text of the Haank interview: - steven bell
I like the how the interviewer basically keeps saying, "you realize that all librarians disagree with you," in response to his assertions that everything's fine. It makes him look fairly ridiculous. - Meg VMeg
*boggle* Buh. - Laura
I'll sign Steve's petition too. - Catherine Pellegrino
One can o' whup-ass, coming right up. The other thing that's weird - he thinks when we say "we can't pay that much" it's just a negotiating position. Yeah, we're just kidding! Sure we can afford it! Just trying to see what we can get away with, chuckle. - barbara fister
Steve's got it a little too right for comfort. Remember the PLoS petition? The big pubs. assumed that was a bluff...and they were right. They're assuming this is a bluff as well. Are they wrong? "Solved" means something different from BigPubs' viewpoint: "We win. Period." - walt crawford
There's something I want to kick that isn't a can. So stage one: we run out of money for and stop buying everything that isn't subject to annual negotiation in order to pay the rent on the big deals. And then - stage two - when we can't pay, that we just buy the articles faculty want. Oh well, as Haank points out, we can stop running those expensive libraries, because how many people and how much space does it take to sign checks? - barbara fister
Barbara: I think I've already said that this is my big issue with "postprint" libraries that operate on a demand basis. One employee in the comptroller's office can sign checks; the article-buying operation can be automated; and in most libraries, the majority of the budget is still wages. (As for the library as academic community space: Turn it over to the student union!) - walt crawford
(In my darker moods, I think of this as the Other Andersonomics, where the A. is Rick this time. But hey, I'm out of the game, so what do I care?) - walt crawford
I think the $ situation is playing out differently for large, medium and small academics. There are still a few large (and medium) academics with $ - I think as long as these places can spend some publishers will keep thinking the market is basically OK. - Elizabeth Brown