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We are hiring someone as a network admin who has no library background, and we'd like to give him a crash course in library doings and philosophy. Help me build a reading list! (Books, papers, blog posts, etc. all welcome; public library focus a bonus).
Obviously the Library Bill of Rights and Freedom to Read Statement, both of which are in our policy manual. - laura x
The Darien Statements. - RepoRat
Ranganathan's Five Laws. - RepoRat
This might be a little too blue-skyish for your library context, but - RepoRat
I'm also planning to use at least some of Without a Net ( - laura x
And, oh, hell, basically all of Rochelle Rochelle's blog. :) - laura x
Rochelle has a blog! Where? - Heleninstitches #teamff
I would keep it light if you want them to actually read anything. - royce
Yeah--I'm expecting I'll only hand out a very few of the things I'm bookmarking. I just want a big list to pull from. - laura x
Helen: An oldie but a goodie. - laura x
Chip Ward's piece on homelessness and libraries from a few years back: - laura x
Just one piece of paper. It reads: "I f#$king swear, if you implement some BS filtering scheme for your own convenience, I will take you down." - Rachel Walden
I had to do this for our new Systems Admin who has never worked in a library before, so I put everything but Without A Net and Rochelle's blog (which didn't work with Readability) together in a bundle at Enjoy!! - WebGoddess
That's awesome! Thanks, Robin! - laura x