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Steele Lawman
I think the LSW needs to get Elsevier to publish the Australasian Journal of Library Science.
If I thought more people would get the joke, I'd suggest that for the name of the LSW zine. - Steele Lawman
Just include one of the many blog posts about the controversy in the zine (with permission of course). - DJF from twhirl
LOL! - maʀtha
We should list Michael Gorman as an editor. - maʀtha
I think the zine needs a long, bogus history of title changes. This can be one. - Steele Lawman
Add to that list of former titles that math journal where most of the articles are by one guy (can't remember the details at the moment). - Stephen Francoeur
Here's the details on that math journal story - Stephen Francoeur
oh! how about instructions for authors? - maʀtha
Oh, and that math journal publisher: Elsevier. - Stephen Francoeur
Instructions for authors: electronic submissions are accepted in wordperfect format. double-spaced comic sans. - DJF from twhirl
oh! oh! on 5 1/4" floppies. - DJF from twhirl
Or Zip disc. - Jason P
does that mean i can't submit using bank street press or whatever the commodore 64sw used to use? - Hedgehog
will someone do a MARC record with all the 730's and 735's? - maʀtha
we should talk about the copyright statement on the articles, perhaps involving mafia thugs if read aloud? - Christina Pikas
my article with have a BA clause (beer access). you must buy me a beer after you read it. - jambina
I love you people. - Steele Lawman
Now I'm tempted to actually write a letter pitching this idea to Elsevier. Hmmm... - Steele Lawman
I'm just thinking of what kind of letter I might get back. - Steele Lawman
I'd like to see the LSW do *something.* - laura x
Will host a "fake" MARC record? We could collaboratively build one there without incurring OCLC charges... - Peter Murray
Whee, I knew there was a reason I kept my old zip drive and disks! For bonus points with serials librarians and binderies, every issue should be a different size; combine the last issue of each volume with the first of the next (I presume the first issue published will be v. 42 no. 3); occasionally include a special issue of the Alaskan Journal of Tropical Forestry upside down on the back; and publish the index to each volume in the middle of an article of issue 2 of the next volume. - Deborah Fitchett
@Deborah: also, with an unpredictable publishing frequency. that would be awesome. plus, special issues. - maʀtha
I am not sure we have moved into zines, but I can check with journals. - Michael Habib
oh, and the special issues aren't numbered, and are only sent to every third library, handwritten on toilet paper, but are immediately heavily cited. - Christina Pikas
for the non-existent ejournal version, we should provide unique passwords and usernames for each year, with no IP authentication, ala Frontiers in Bioscience. - maʀtha
Deborah & Christina: Right now I'm in the middle I'm implementing MARC Format for Holding Data. You're scaring me. - DJF
Deborah, and there should be one issue deliberately missing. Supplements should be completely unavailable electronically. - Rachel Walden
Michael! I didn't realize we had an Elsevier guy in the house. Can you see if you can get us a better deal than Merck must have had for theirs? If they want to back-date it to 2003, that's cool. - Steele Lawman
http://www.australasianjournal... is available. Only $9.99 a year from Godaddy... - Joe
Steve, I had the idea a couple of days ago, too, but I didn't post it to Friendfeed. You beat me to the publish or perish line. - Joe
FF and Twitter sure have lowered the bar for the Least Bloggable Unit (that's a Tim Spalding term, IIRC). - Steele Lawman
oh, and e version cannot allow bookmarking (urls are indecipherable with %^& in them a la aiaa), pasting, copying, exporting (it will pretend to export, but will crash your computer and spill your coffee) - Christina Pikas
@christina made me think of this requirement: URLs must be at least 150 characters long, and make NO sense. http://www.australasianjournal... - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Stephanie - More like http://www.australasianjournal... Also, all downloaded PDFs should be named article.pdf. No using volume or page number or any of that. - Mr. Gunn
oh and 3 page articles will look like they were scanned from a fax that had been dragged behind a car - scanned at 100 dpi, and they will be about 20MB each (IEEE) - Christina Pikas
The articles must have a DRM ala SAE and they should be in a strange format (maybe just huge .tiff or dejavu files) that only allows viewing (no printing) and limited to accounts with passwords that the publisher provides (case sensitive) such as 279HDgkre!~S5893hdp£%4993 - Joe
I'm thinking that you need to designate one computer per state that is allowed access to the site. - Steele Lawman
And the it's only available in the USA! Canadians and others have to wait three years before we can buy subscriptions! - John Dupuis
And you know that computer in each state? It has to have the proper site.prf file in the c:\AUSTRALASIANJOURNALOFLIBRARYSCIENCE folder. - John Dupuis
Let the Canucks get it only on a CD-ROM with a DOS based search engine... - Joe
Illegal for Export to Canadialand. - Steele Lawman
illegal to Australasia for that ultimate touch of irony - suelibrarian
"Library Society of the World" a valid, double-blind ,peer reviewed professional association , found to increase your influence in libraryland by 43.294 %. (Lawson, 2003. Austn. Jnl. Lib. Sci.) - Kathryn is a free elf
I can't wait to read it! Oh.....I'm in Canada. I'll have to get my friends to illegally send me copies. - Connie Crosby
I am working on an article arguing the benefits of returning to card catalogues. Does anyone have an example of a library that went back? - Connie Crosby
"A log analysis comparison of usage of physical and online information retrieval methodologies" Crosby, Gorman et al. 2010. Austn. Jnl Lib. Sci) - Kathryn is a free elf
Don't forget the watermark and copyright statement across each page of each article (Standards New Zealand), and a 12-month embargo before issues appear online (too many to name). - Deborah Fitchett
but if you want the back file, it's too late, you would have had to buy the CD-ROM when it changed platforms in 2002 - you can't get it online anywhere now (MAIK/Nauka) - Christina Pikas
I just abandoned any thought I ever had of becoming a librarian. You people frighten me. :-) - Bill Hooker
best. thread. ever. - Jenica
ok, so it's only available on one computer on campus. There is a login & password if you want off-campus access, but you can't share it with ANYONE. ... and we’ll publish 4 issues per year. But if we can't come up with enough content for 4 issues a year, we can just combine them, like 1/2 or 1-2-3 or 2-4 or whatever. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
But the combined issues vary from volume to volume. - DJF
This thread just gets better and better. - laura x
more on the fake Merck/Elsevier journal - maʀtha
'On the metaness of the library science journal- is it me or is it us in here?' Estate of Borges, 2004 Aust. Jnl. Lib. Sci - Pete
And of course, its place of publication should be Latveria, Molvania or Phaic Tan. - Pete
Pete, I'm sure that that article will have lots of self-references, including "Mapping the bibliographic Universe", Borges, 1873, Aust Jnl Lib Sci. - DJF from twhirl
It'll be a veritable Ouroboros of an article- see 'See also love- when xr is x rated' Borges 19 eleventy two Aust Jnl Lib Sci - Pete
isn't there a rule about self-referencing? Like there must be at least 3 self-references, and if this is your first paper, it's ok to reference this one at least twice. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
At the Aust Jnl Lib Sci, your needs are our excuses! - Pete
Bill, don't surrender the dream! You were born to be a librarian. Just stay away from publishers. - John Dupuis
Hum, this journal sure is getting full of articles, when should we split it off into parts A, B, C, etc.. What should we call the parts? A=Theoretical B=Practical C=Impractical. The volume numbering must randomly switch from one section to another, for example - Joe
+1 for Impractical - I could fill a whole issue myself, just ask my colleagues. :-) Also, I've seen some funky journal numbering in my time, but that example is quite, quite special. - Deborah Fitchett
Is it too late to write an article? I want to contribute but am coming up blank for ideas. - Jason P
If it hasn't been mentioned, the journal needs an electronic resource reviews section that only covers Elsevier products because that is all. you. will. ever. need. ;) - Rachel Walden
Ooh, I know what image can be on the cover! http://theubiquitouslibrarian.... - Deborah Fitchett
I like that, Joe: The Australasian Journal of Library Science, Section D-: Impractical. Vol. XLII, no 3/7, Supplement H (Errata, Juvenelia, and Saliva.) - Steele Lawman
I think this thread could be turned into an article or something, either for the The Australasian Journal of Library Science, Section S: Silly, or for the LSW zine. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
@Deborah, you are cracking me up. :) - Rachel Walden
Proposing Section U: Useless Outside of My Very Specific Environment - Rachel Walden
Make sure that it's also available in an unsplit version, and send the unsplit version to the indexing services, but not to the subscribers. - DJF
I'm also conducting a survey of bibliobloggers re: why Web 2.0 is a passing fad that will never make it to the mainstream of library services. Please take my survey now: - Connie Crosby
Thanks so far, everyone. The results are interesting. You still have time to take the survey! It is open until Monday. - Connie Crosby
perhaps one issue could be the proceedings of asist's SIG/CON. And if there wasn’t much going on in Australasian Libraryland that year, that could even be the year's *only* issue, with numbering 1-4. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an