I just changed a password, so it's now 18 characters. Long enough for you Blake?
you made it longer? - Meg VMeg
you made it 30 characters long then? - Sir Shuping is just sir
the password used to be 4 letters. - kendrak
Hush child, you'll give him an apoplectic. - Meg VMeg
5up3rcal!fra6!l!5t!c3xp!al!d0c!0u5? - Zamms
l0ng3n0ugh4ublak3? - jambina
This thread brought a tear to my eye - Blake
Poor Kendra is bored to the point where she's updating passwords. Speedy recovery, K! - LibrarianOnTheLoose
H3r3c0m35dH0t5t3pp3r - Zamms
Actually, it's: H3r3c0m35dH0t5t3pp3rmurd3r3r1mth3lyr1c4lgn4gst4mud3r3r - kendrak
I just use 5uck3rMC for all of my logins. - Zamms
Horse69BatteryStaple hasn't been broken yet... - Aaron the Librarian
MyMyM!55Am3r!canP!3Dr0v3myCh3vy2dl3v33butdl3v33wa5dry - Zamms
18 Characters in Search of a Hacker - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
Wh00mpTh3r3!t!s. (When you have to change one of your passwords every 60 days and one every 45 days, you spend a lot of time thinking about this.) 5t3ppin2dAM - Zamms
G4l4t4s4r4y or Tr4bz0nsp0r - kendrak
H0r53Fsck1ng? - Aaron the Librarian
I may or may not have made the password for my home wifi "StinkyCatPoo" for a good reason. As far as I can tell, it hasn't been cracked yet. - Holly's favorite Anna
Always relevant: - Andy
I need to use more passphrases. - Julian
I've been switching over my accounts to phrases and it's been awesome. The only downside is when a site INSISTS on numbers and symbols. - Andy
I saw an interesting talk by one of the security dudes from PayPal who said a good question is to ask if your password is "unlikey enough" along with being "strong enough", that is, it is likely that many people have passwords like "blakeisgreat" but it's likely that NO one has one like "blakeisawful", because password crackers will always guess likely passwords first. - Blake
This is why my password is B3l!3b3r - Zamms