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barbara fister
Do any of you have experience with Oxford UP book contracts? One of my colleagues in another dept. has been offered a contract but doesn't like their author rights language and I'm wondering how flexible or inflexible they have typically been. Looking for stories or leads to people with OUP experience. Or if there is an author addendum for books?
No personal experience here, but Oxford got a bit of attention earlier this year for their "work for hire" policies around the Oxford Handbook series. Relevant blog posts here: and here: I don't know if the policy extends beyond that series (esp. to single-authored books) but I'd be very, very wary. The update (2nd link) certainly suggests that "flexibility" -- for the author, at least -- is not one of the things Oxford is aiming for. - Catherine Pellegrino
Catherine beat me to it; OUP author contracts have gotten very fishy lately. I have no knowledge or anecdata on their willingness to negotiate, unless it's in my Pinboard... mmkay, all I have is the stuff that Catherine already posted. - RepoRat
and this site may be peripherally helpful: - RepoRat
I would also have any contract looked over by a lawyer you trust. IMHO lawyers, even lawyers who don't specialize in contract law, can pick stuff up that non lawyers might or might not gloss over. - ♫Maurice the Trainer♫
Also be very careful with your own proofreading and formatting. I heard about 10 years ago that Oxford had nearly given up on correcting proofs (and the quality of some books at the time reflected it). I've not looked closely at recent editions to see if they have improved. - Rebecca Hedreen
Thank you all. This is very depressing, er, helpful. I'd forgotten the work for hire kerfuffle. Will explore the links. LSW FTW, as usual. - barbara fister