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Stuff I think about at the reference desk: There should be a "March Madness" style face-off of library buzzwords. Complete with voting and brackets; may the best buzzword win! What do you think, LSW? (And if you think so, blab out a bunch of buzzwords.)
YES. - Steele Lawman
I think "Jargon and Buzzwords" might allow us to get to 64 more easily. - Steele Lawman
OPAC, Library Automation, LCSH, MeSH, tracings, collocation - Steele Lawman
Digital repository, metadata. - Larua Boats
ILL, catalog/catalogue, database, isi, paradigm, future, ebooks, serials, periodicals, journals, magazines, - Joe
Govdocs. - Larua Boats
SuDoc, MLIS, information, stacks, microfilm, microfiche - Steele Lawman
microcards, microformats, MLS, LoC, MARC, FRBR, and all those other cataloging thingy acronyms. - Joe
Michael Gorman. - Larua Boats
SCMODS, no wait, that isn't... - Joe
ALA, SLA, LSW, ACRL, LITA, RUSA, YALSA, ALCTS... - Aaron the Librarian
EAD, digitize, link resolver, transliteracy - Hedgehog
(This thread has made me twitchy.) - Larua Boats
Discovery layer, precision, recall, bibliometrics, Boogie-Woogie Google Boys. - Steele Lawman
My money is on Z39.50 to go all the way. - Steele Lawman
Collection Development, Technical Services, LISTA, current awareness, preservation, access, tattletape (ooh, that might be my new frontrunner), folio, genealogy, the Hinman Collator, jobber, buckram, book truck - Steele Lawman
Estimated Time of Departure? - Steele Lawman
Shelf-ready, cardex, colon classification. - Steele Lawman
What, nobody's posted impact factor yet??!?!?? - Catherine Pellegrino
We wanted to leave an easy one for you, Catherine. - Steele Lawman
Electronic theses and disserts! What do I win? - Joe from iPod
I will have a beer tonight and MAKE THIS SO. Either that or tomorrow night. - Andy
Faculty Liaison. - John Dupuis
I'll have that beer with ya... - Joe from iPod
Should it be called "MARC Madness"? - Andy
Totebag! Prompted by And yes, MARC Madness! - Larua Boats
Awesome. - Steele Lawman
I'll have to tackle this tomorrow night, so if people have other terms, fire away. - Andy
I chuckle every time I still hear "synergy" and "Paradigm shift" - Eric Sizemore
I doing a count of the terms, there is well over 64. However, I think there may be 32 very jargony terms that might make it a fun run. - Andy
faculty liaison, facet, Cutter number - Pete
Do all 64 -- we'll decide which 32 make the cut - Aaron the Librarian
aren't there 68 teams in March Madness anyway? - ~Courtney F
Courtney: No, it's 64, 32, 16, 8, 4, 2, 1. - Andy idea where i got 68 :) - ~Courtney F
Yeah, I'd say go with your favorite 64 (or a few more if you want to have a "play-in" game or two). I know that some of mine aren't really suitable. You could make a ground rule or two, like no people's names, no ALA unit/division/phylum/brigade name abbreviations, or the like, if that helps make it easier to chuck things out. I wonder if the brackets will be NSEW, or if Andy will come up with other names for them? - Steele Lawman
Also, Courtney, you were right: there are 68, but there is a play-in game in each division. So in each of the four divisions, there's like a pre-brackets game where two teams compete for a spot in the full tournament. So the four losers of those games account for the "extra" four. See - Steele Lawman
I stand corrected. But lemme think on how many teams. There could easily be an acronym bracket. But thinking there might 3 other brackets and what they might be.... hrm. - Andy
Well, and the brackets might not be themed, but just named. Because in this kind of thing, I could see more than one acronym being highly-seeded. But I'll stop back-seat driving now. :) - Steele Lawman
I see this as one of those open air Road Warrior kind of vehicles, so every seat is a front seat. :P - Andy
But will Steve be chained to the front of the vehicle with an arrow in his leg? [eta: will you be wearing the hockey mask? - Aaron the Librarian
In grouping the terms, I see 4 brackets emerge: acronym, buzzword, jargon, and slang. (Yes, jargon and slang are the same, I'm just naming stuff.) - Andy
Additional terms I thought of: Googlization, digital natives, user experience - Andy
Um, a bit late for terms I guess, but festschrift is the best word I learned in library school. - Laura Krier
It's never too late for terms for better ones will push out some of the weaker ones. :D - Andy
Surrogate. Eigenfactor. H-index. Berry picking. Pearl growing. Faceted navigation. - Stephen Francoeur
Has anyone nominated "patron-driven acquisition" yet? - Catherine Pellegrino
can we add project names/products/services? Hathitrust, OAIster, LibQUAL+, etc. - Elizabeth Brown
Oh god, Taiga Forum. - Catherine Pellegrino
DOAJ. - Joe
afternoon bump for any more words before i make a list tonight. - Andy
Blended services. - John Dupuis
Learning commons. - John Dupuis
Authority files. - Stephen Francoeur
Library 2.0, library camp - Steele Lawman
Huh. No one else posted: "diversity" or "multiculturalism"...? - Eric Sizemore