Stephen Francoeur
Just wondering: what kinds of uses can we expect those Harvard records be put to? Any thoughts about how people might use the data? What can built from it? How can they be re-used?
Well, a thing I'm seeing that I haven't really seen before is techies (lib-techies so far, but that's okay) just horsing around with 'em. Part of the reason for the interest may be that Amazon makes horsing around with large datasets easier than it useta wuz. - RepoRat
I'd like to see them used to test RDA and linked-data applications, myself. Sadly, I'm not smart enough to actually go and *do* that (plus, hell if I'mma pay for RDA, f*** that noise). - RepoRat
I asked our head of tech svcs about getting a copy of our bib records once a few years ago. Her response was basically O.o I don't know what I'd do with the data, but it would be need to just poke at it and play. Imagine a "google ngram" kind of thing that let you pick facets and then mapped chronological distribution (by publication date, or how about data of acquisition, if it's available) through the collection. - DJF
There's been a lot of chat at MPOW about releasing ours (which means talking to catalog consortium) but esp with finding aides and such--making those more accessible. - Hedgehog
Venally, I also wanna see more bib record releases because OCLC's dog-in-mangerism can just go die in a fire. Open data destroys the business value of dog-in-mangerism. - RepoRat
Oh, and another interesting thing to figure out is "how do we migrate small impecunious libraries off MARC?" I don't know how well something like a Harvard dataset would be a useful proxy for a small impecunious library (I know, right?!), but at least it lets us start to ask questions like "how good is the matchup on OCLC number or ISBN?" and stuff like that. - RepoRat
Stuart Shieber at Harvard's Office of Scholarly Communications posted a few thoughts about this today: - Stephen Francoeur
I'm surprised (and very pleased) that OCLC seems to be playing along with this. I thought they had a MINE MINE MINE policy. According to Shieber, they support it. Have they changed, or is this somehow different than the statements they have made in the past? - barbara fister
(Oh, that MINE is not a verb.) - barbara fister
(Though maybe now it is.) - barbara fister