Mr. The Jason Fleming
"Scientific & Academic Publishing (SAP) an Open-Access publisher" would like to list their website address on our site. Looks like a typical spam letter to me except directly from a company instead of a 'researcher' Am I wrong? Have you heard of these people and found them to be legitimate?
They have a website that looks legitimate: - adf
I would reply that the decision to link to their journals is a collections decision, and pass it along to the relevant subject librarian. Without telling the publisher who that relevant person is, of course. - DJF
Scammers. Do not link. - RepoRat
yup. - jambina
so I'm guessing they aggregate free content that is out there and make themselves look legitimate. What is their goal though? ads, or malware? - Mr. The Jason Fleming
May not be their sole business model. They may be scamming desperate scholars in developing nations. See Richard Poynder: - RepoRat
Coincidentally, the Library Loon just posted - RepoRat
Wow. The Loon's post is great, and fills a gap in my OA book. If that book was successful enough to warrant a second edition, I'd ask the Loon for permission to adapt or just quote most of the post, with permission, of course. (As it far, I haven't even received an accounting, but it's clearly not setting the world on fire.) - walt crawford
that is great thanks D - Mr. The Jason Fleming
They say their address is 1200 Rosemead Blvd, STE D #105, Rosemead, CA, 91731, but I don't see anything there. Neither 1200 N or 1200 S. - Joe
oh, GOOD one. - RepoRat
Wrt editorial boards, some v scammy outfits list people without their permission. So if u see a scammy jnl with a member of your faculty on the board , best to let them know - Christina Pikas from iPhone