Wednesday afternoon reference shift of DOOM:
People want to print things, staple things and say, "hey," but not much else. Granted it's only been 12 minutes so far :D. - Marianne
Someone just walked past with a miniature rubber duckie on a kebab skewer. - Marianne
Everyone is working far too hard to want help. Steve musta fixed all their problems before I got here ;). - Marianne
article in the student nonfiction magazine about ebook readers (framed as a letter to the author's ebook reader), lauding the library for striking the right balance. that's pretty sweet. - Marianne
help desk question. miraculously arriving before the hd closes! - Marianne
student nf magazine also full of thesis excerpts. pretty cool. - Marianne
(it's still incredibly quiet, if you couldn't tell) - Marianne