Thinking about a lunchtime video series for #OAW2011. Would include : Everything is a remix :, Lessig's The Architecture of Access to Scientific Knowledge : and the NFB's RIP: Any suggestions for two more half-hour to one hour videos?
That's a really great idea! You should pass it on to the OAW sponsors. You might want to look at some of the Sparky award winners -- they'll be too short, but you could play several at a single lunch. - RepoRat
Thanks! Copyright Criminals was new to me as was the Sparky Awards (how embarrassing) - copystar
This is an 1:21 of John Wilbanks "The Fragmentation and Re-Integration of Scholarly Communication" , but I it is 52 minutes for the presentation and about 30 minutes of questions. - Joe
Just as a follow-up. I'm not doing this series this year on account that we might be going on strike during Open Access week and the irony of it all is too painful. - copystar
Can I do it then :) - Meg VMeg from fftogo
Maybe also Sonic Outlaws or Tribulation 99. - Meg VMeg from fftogo
OMG, Tribulation 99. I forgot that I saw that once years ago at Film Forum. Off to see what parts may be on YouTube now. - Stephen Francoeur
Mystery Science Theater 3000 is an example of remix culture, no? - copystar
That's genius. - Jason P