LSW: Joe
This is a real question. If you won the lottery, would you keep your library job? Would you change to a different library or information job, one where you could help more people, and you wouldn't need to worry about your income? Or, would you retire to Jamaica or someplace like that.
I've got ideas about what I would think I would do, but I wonder if my ideas lie outside of the mainstream. - Joe
I'd keep the job and get my phd - LibrarianOnTheLoose from BuddyFeed
I'd bounce back to instruction in a heartbeat. Or tell the uni that I'd fund an Honors College Research Librarian and pay my own salary to focus on the students who will need to get trained up to do good research for their eventual theses. - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
I might reduce my hours? But my current job is awesome; I'm motivated a lot by wanting to Change The World and I think I've got a better chance of doing that here than by going solo. (Though it might depend on how big of a lottery: money can expand one's influence. :-) ) - Deborah Fitchett
TEACHING IS SO THE FUN. I might hire a grader on a regular basis, however. And I might split my time between teaching and service work for information-related causes that I care about. - RepoRat
I would probably keep the job for a while, but just until I decided to what cause I would dedicate myself and my money. It takes a while to get organized. - kaijsa
Nope. I enjoy my job, a lot. But I have other things that, were I wealthy enough to not need an income, I'd head off to do. - ellbeecee
nope, would not keep it. Would start my new career as a beach bum. - holly #ravingfangirl
I would probably still be involved in the library community but I don't think I'd want to have to be locked into the regular schedule as much. - Hedgehog
I would be on a 9-month contract so fast it would make your head spin. - Catherine Pellegrino
Not a chance. - Mary Carmen from iPhone
I would try not to have any job full-time. Career-wise I'd probably go back to school part-time for something artsy fartsy, then try to get involved more with K-12 and/or public education; information is a part of that, so I would try to remain connected to information and education. (That's my answer for today, at least.) - Regular Amanda
I'd go part-time in a heartbeat, and since that would mean giving up my current job and no management positions, I'd likely also switch to a public library. - Kirsten
I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who'd drop the job in a heartbeat. There are so many things I like to do with my time that I can't get paid for. - Laura Krier
I would start a Super PAC - kendrak
I'd probably stay the same person I always was. After a regular shift at my library, I'd go home and put my feet up on the coffee table which also happens to be a glass coffin containing the remains of Melvil Dewey. - Andy
I'd travel the world. Hard to do that with a 9 to 5. - bentley
I'd also keep the job long enough to get a financial and life plan sorted out and then would probably ease out of it. I really love the job I'm currently doing, but if I suddenly became independently wealthy, there's a lot of traveling I want to do and a steady job does not provide enough time off :D After I spent a few years traveling, I'd probably re-evaluate the steady job situation depending on how the writing was going. - Katie
I would keep my job long enough to help them figure out what they needed to do to replace me (unless I was just WAYYYYYYY too giddy to be of any use). And I would probably finish my MSLIS, although I would give the scholarship back ASAP. I will spare you all from the very detailed daydreams about the rest of it I've been working on since I was 13;). - Marianne
I might sub, but I would not keep a full time job. I'd spend more time with my kid, sleep more, read more, and write more. - laura x
Adding to my response above: I would go on teaching secure in the knowledge that I could leave as soon as (ideally, well before) I realize I'm not keeping up intellectually with the field, or not coming up with the energy to do a good job in the classroom. The idea of having to keep teaching beyond that point horrifies me... right now I have to hope I don't ever get there. - RepoRat
Tough Call. YMMV - Aaron the Librarian
I'd keep my job. I really like what I do. That being said, I might take real vacations instead of professional conference vacations. And buy a house. Pay off my student loans. Set up a retirement account for my sister. I just can't imagine, even after winning the lottery, that I would care less about my work. - Holly's favorite Anna
i would keep the gig, and use the money to fund the fuck out of a bunch of libraryland initiatives that need the cash. - jambina
Thanks all. What I was looking for. I tell myself that I'd keep my job, but I'd probably quit and travel for a year, then settle back down closer to family, then volunteer at local public library. Maybe spend 2-4 hours a week doing virtual reference. Continue working on my blogs. - Joe
If I won the lottery I could then afford to have a library job .. - henry
i try to work like i dont need the money, though that's obviously not true. So yeah I would keep my job but I would do the "Seek forgiveness not permission" bit even more? - aaron