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Steele Lawman
Totally cracks me up that Henry Rollins (bottom right in photo) is giving a keynote at ACRL 2013.
i hope he likes our libpunk buttons. - jambina
He will plotz. - Steele Lawman
That's part of what cracks me up. - Steele Lawman
I would pay good money to hear that. - laura x
So come to ACRL! It's in Indianapolis, for crying out loud. - Catherine Pellegrino
He is??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? - Meg VMeg
One of those times I wish I could ever think of things to say to famous people I like. - Meg VMeg
that is awesome... sla never gets speakers like that... M has a comedy cd of his too which is hilarious - Christina Pikas
from Clinton Kelly to Henry Rollins. i say ACRL is on the upswing. also, we had Dorothea at SLA in Philly ; ) - jambina
God, I hope someone tells him not to talk about libraries. OR BOOKS. I hate when the non-librarian keynotes do that. - Meg VMeg
He probably will cuz he went to the Library of Congress and was all amazed n stuff: - LibrarianOnTheLoose
so long as he doesn't talk about how much he loves the smell of books... cuz then i might throw a chair or something. - jambina
he will throw it back at you - John: Thread Killer
Rollins is probably one of my largest sources of inspiration; as someone who came from a horrible background to carve out his own place in the entertainment industry through nothing but hard work, it's pretty impressive what he's accomplished. I use him as a constant reminder that hard work pays off. - John: Thread Killer
I see Rollins, and I think of him as the Spider character from Johnny Mnemonic What causes the black shakes? "Information overload! All the electronics around you poisoning the airwaves." - Joe