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Steele Lawman
What Amazon's ebook strategy means - Charlie's Diary -
I'll skip right to Charlie's conclusion: "DRM on ebooks is dead. (Or if not dead, it's on death row awaiting a date with the executioner.)" Charlie Stross is a smart guy; I wonder if he'll be proved right. - Steele Lawman from Bookmarklet
Couple other commentators have suggested the same, FWIW. - RepoRat
Did you see Stross' follow-up, giving more details about his opinions in response to the discussions he had with Macmillan about no more TOR DRM? (They were already going there but they did ask him to talk to them about it... ) - Marianne
I haaven't yet, Marianne, and for some reason it's not loading for me tonight. I'll look for it tomorrow, thanks for point it out. - Steele Lawman