Catherine Pellegrino
SOPA and Research Works Act Hall of FAME (hopefully to be a continuously-updated list):
MIT Press disavows the AAP's position on the Research Works Act, but doesn't withdraw its membership: - Catherine Pellegrino
ITHAKA (parent organization of JSTOR) disavows the AAP's position on the Research Works Act, but doesn't withdraw its membership: - Catherine Pellegrino
CLIR (Council on Library and Information Resources) is embarrassed to admit that it hadn't realized it was a member of the AAP, disavows their position on the Research Works Act, and states its intention to withdraw its membership: - Catherine Pellegrino
(Links to additional coverage on the three we have thus far are also welcome; I just posted the three quickest links I could find.) - Catherine Pellegrino
Honorary Mention to the University of Michigan Library for a comprehensive statement in response to the White House OSTP's request for comment: (UofM Press is not a member of the AAP, but the UofM Medical School is.) - Catherine Pellegrino
Penn State UP disavows AAP's position on RWA, doesn't leave AAP: - RepoRat
ALA says the right thing: - RepoRat
SLA call to action: (which was emailed to the membership today). - Marianne
Academic Libraries of Indiana has composed a letter to...somebody...on the subject. That'll turn the tide for sure. </sarcasm> - Catherine Pellegrino
Hey, they said something. Go them for being a good example. *How* many academic librarians look at scholarly-communication issues, EVEN TODAY, and say "not my problem" or (*glares at someone who knows damn well who he is*) "this is awful, but we mustn't actually SAY anything to anyone about it where we might be overheard"? - RepoRat
There's some indication that Mike Rossner has weighed in: I'd kinda like to see a better source, though. Have asked on Twitter. - RepoRat
Eisen just tweeted that it's real. Good enough for me. - RepoRat
Poynder reports email from U of CA distancing selves from RWA. Sort of. Diplomospeak. - barbara fister
Updated my post last night with this new info. - Andy
Is it telling that when scholarly presses wish to correct the record, it's through email, not web? Is this not wanting to own it, or that they don't really know how to work that web thing? - barbara fister
It's a cultural thing. I've gotten *so* many emails from publishing types that would have been better as blog posts. I think part of it is the expectation that issues will be worked out genteelly behind the scenes, with the corollary that if you try to shame or intimidate people privately, they'll stop criticizing you publicly. Not really the world we live in, now, but... - RepoRat
hmm. Makes me feel as of I'm taking dictation for them. - barbara fister from iPhone
I think this same cultural difference is apparent between librarian management and librarian labour on this issue, and others just as library funding cutbacks. Personally, I think they can work in tandem in their own ways. - copystar
If allowed to. - RepoRat
Never thought I'd be adding them to this list, but: Nature Publishing Group, Digital Science, and Palgrave are opposing SOPA/PIPA: and NPG/Digital Science are opposing RWA: - Catherine Pellegrino
WHOA. *headasplode* - jambina
Since their websites could be brought down by a plagiarized paper, color me unsurprised. - Andy