Galadriel C.
Out of Print Clothing - now your can *wear* your favorite book cover:
They even have Harold and the Purple Crayon - - Galadriel C.
Stuart Little! - Marie
The two kids books I looked at only come in kid sizes. Why? - bentley
Betsy, I found that some of the shop-by-title links linked only to the kids' size, but when I looked under "unisex/mens"... there that same shirt was! of course, maybe you already tried that... - Marianne
Ah no. I only looked by title and didn't bother looking any further. Thanks. - bentley
Huh. I looked at this again today (for an assignment), and they'd fixed some book-by-title pages that weren't fixed last week - either a vast coincidence, or they are super on top of social media scanning. :D - Marianne