My post about the IMF makes me want to ask you all -- what was your favorite reference question or research project or patron request, ever?
"I'm retiring. Please capture and preserve the lifetime's worth of work on my university website before university IT destroys it!" Did and did. - RepoRat
There was this very old man who used to come into MFPOW. He wanted to be able to visit his son in Denver, but the travel agent he was using was expensive and his son told him to come to the library to see if he could book tickets himself using the computer. He couldn't, so he asked for my help. I found him tickets on the then-new Frontier Airlines service for just over $100 round-trip. He was so happy he could go see his son and his family that he was nearly in tears. Every year after that, until he passed away, he would come back, book his yearly visit and flight with me at the library and leave me a pound of chocolates as a thank you. I really felt like I was making a difference in someone's life, you know? - WebGoddess
That's a great one, Goddess! My heart just grew three times its size, like the Grinch or something. - LibrarianOnTheLoose
Repo, I hope I get to meet you in person someday. Your awesomeness and exceptional competence shines through every post :) - LibrarianOnTheLoose
At my first librarian job, there was a history professor researching horse diseases (iirc, it was a specific one, but I don't remember which) and effects. He was looking for primary sources on the disease, but from vets/science types of the time, not news-type sources where possible. Now I can't remember what we used, but we ended up with some great resources for him. - ellbeecee
*liking* for everything! - bentley
Probably the coolest thing I ever did was help a lawyer representing the Cavern Club (where the Beatles got their start) with a lawsuit against the HardRock Cafe, which wants to open a Cavern Club in Vegas. But the most "feel good" thing was when a researcher from my normal job came to me and after I helped him he said, "The result of this research could be that fewer disabled kids are subject to verbal and physical abuse and you are a part of that" ... Made me feel very good about my job. - LibrarianOnTheLoose
The retired Southern preacher (I think he was a revival preacher back in the day) who had a beautiful head of white hair and called us all things like "dear" and "sugar" who had WebTV and would call and read us the URLs of things he wanted to print out :) He also brought in his gospel record one day. He was quite a character, and we all got a kick out of him. - ~Courtney F
Are Brazilians Latin American? - Zamms
Had a student who wondered why an image was used on the cover of a book. We called the person credited; she said "John picked it; you'll have to ask him." So this freshperson scored a half-hour interview with John McPhee. - barbara fister from iPhone
Do you have any books about Shakespeare? - Jason P
These are great stories, by the way! And cracks. - barbara fister from iPhone
"Do you have something like a bible?" - barbara fister from iPhone
Do you have the book I was reading at my friend's house over vacation? Probably my favorite walked-up-to-desk-and-said opener. Especially since - yes, I did figure it out from no title, author or other definitive information, determined we didn't, and learned that Bridget Jones Diary was apparently going to be all the rage... - Lisa Hinchliffe