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Steele Lawman
Members of the American Library Association Special Interest Round Table Section Division on Librarian Names
LaVerne Pouissaint - Steele Lawman
Dr. Kathleen de la Pena McCook - Steele Lawman
Derek Badman - Steele Lawman
Andromeda Yelton - Steele Lawman
Duffy Tweedy - Steele Lawman
I nominate Iris Jastram. - Jason Griffey
About five guys names Steve, Stephen, Michael, and or Jason. Michael Stephens can pull double duty, triple if he changes/reveals his middle name to be "Jason." - Steele Lawman
Joey Digits. . . oh wait, that's not his real name. - laura x
Buffy Hamilton. - laura x
Chadwick Seagraves. - laura x
While "Rogers" might be out, you've got to include anyone named "Jenica" - Jason Griffey
LIttle known fact: While my name is spelled "Jason Griffey", it's actually pronounced "Throat-Warbler Mangrove". - Jason Griffey
Way to rub it in. - Meg VMeg
Laura Laurel Lara Lafave - Joe
Jason, it was my impression that Jenica was on the ALA-SIRTSDOLN back when she was Jenica P. Rogers-Urbanek. - Steele Lawman
Galadriel Chilton (this may, perhaps, be one of my favorite names ever. LOTR and automotive manuals? Yeah. :) ) - ellbeecee
Happy Blitt and Sunny Yoon. - Stephen Francoeur from Android
If it includes developers of library automation software, then Lebbeous Fogle-Weekley is clearly president for life. - DJF
Melissa Records, is still the best actual librarian name I know - Eric Sizemore
Char Booth - Kathryn is a free elf
Karen whatsit and Michelle thing should be there too ( bonus if middle name is Kate or a variation of K(C)athe(a)r(i)yn(e) ) - Kathryn is a free elf
When I was in Montreal, Amy's friend the LIS professor got very excited about Graham Lavender and his partner Amanda Halfpenny. She said they sounded like a secret agent couple. - Jason P
I'm aware of an archives assistant named Dusty Folds. - Laurie Boots from YouFeed
Etienne Posthumus at TU Delft Library (bonus points for his first name being a French version of "Stephen" and for the awesome self-description on his blog: - Stephen Francoeur
There's a Sonnet Irish on the humanities librarians list. That's my favorite name ever. - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
I am suddenly sad about how mundane my name is. All I can say is that I have the names of two different train lines, and that's just sad. - Katy S
My name's plenty weird, just not amusingly weird. All in all, I can live with that. - RepoRat
<threadjack> My mom worked with a woman whose name was Peola Smith. Peola married a man whose last name was Smith. Peola decided that she wanted to keep her maiden name as well, so she hyphenated her name. Yes, she became Peola Smith-Smith. True story. </threadjack> - Andy
Andy, that reminds me of an author I worked with when I was in publishing. He was a psychiatrist named Robert Emde (the last name was pronounced em-dee). So he was Robert Emde, MD, or alternatively, Dr. Emde. - Stephen Francoeur
There's a Dr Nurse near me - DJF from Android
There's a lawyer named Courtney B. Justice in a town not far from here. - Catherine Pellegrino
Ah, how this thread doth wobble and wander. - Stephen Francoeur
Yes, Galadriel! I knew there was another LSW person on the Special Round Interest Table. - Steele Lawman
Our music librarian in my last job was named Clinkscales. - Jason P
<threadjack>My former primary-care physician was Dr. Pepper. Seriously.</threadjack> - RepoRat
<threadjack> We just hired Dr. Plague to work in the Biology department.</threadjack> - Jenica
Jenica, did you run a background check? He sounds like a supervillain. - Jason P
in re: background checks, my orthopedic surgeon is Dr. John Savage. If he were less austere and serious i'd ask him if he's a comic-book character. - Jenica
whoa, hey, RepoRt! - maʀtha
Reviving this thread because I just encountered the best reference librarian name, ever: Patricia Walkup. - Catherine Pellegrino