Catherine Pellegrino
The "Research Works Act" (from our friends, The Association of American Publishers) -
"The Research Works Act will prohibit federal agencies from unauthorized free public dissemination of journal articles that report on research which, to some degree, has been federally-funded but is produced and published by private sector publishers receiving no such funding. It would also prevent non-government authors from being required to agree to such free distribution of these works. Additionally, it would preempt federal agencies’ planned funding, development and back-office administration of their own electronic repositories for such works, which would duplicate existing copyright-protected systems and unfairly compete with established university, society and commercial publishers." - Catherine Pellegrino from Bookmarklet
So as not to hijack the separate, but related, conversation here: - Catherine Pellegrino
I was just reading this damn thing. It's freaking horrible - Jason Griffey
I don't know which part I hate most: the rollback of the NIH-PubMedCentral policy, the part that prohibits institutions from enacting OA mandates, or the part that implies that federal funding of nonprofit research is a mere drop in the bucket compared with the HYOOOOOGE commitments of time and money made by wildly profitable toll-access publishers. - Catherine Pellegrino
Wow. Just wow. This makes the whole PRISM thing from a few years ago look like small potatoes. What I'd really like to see is some of the scholarly society publishers publicly pull out of the AAP/PSP because of this. I'm not hopeful, but I'd love to see it. - John Dupuis
Guess which giant publishing entity is one of Maloney's top contributors. Le sigh. - Jaclyn aka spamgirl
whoaaaaa... yeah, i'd love to see societies pull out of aap for this, but good luck. - Christina Pikas
Scorched-earth war. It's time to destroy these bozos. I really mean that. - RepoRat
So now, in addition to SOPA interviews, we need to get the list of AAP members at MW and start asking about this. - Jason Griffey
Indeed. For once, I actually wish I were attending MW. - Catherine Pellegrino
Ugh. - Rachel Walden
Jason: I've already gone through their membership list and compared it to the ALA MW vendors list. There's a bunch I've labeled as AAP members. - Andy
Andy, you are even more awesome than I tell everyone you are. Let's see the list! - Jason Griffey
I was on a panel with Paul Allen (president of AAP) just a few months ago. He didn't like me very much... - Jason Griffey
The list is at home. I'll get it to you when I get home. Got some time to chat tonight? I'll give you an update on this blog post that is formulating from it. - Andy
Unlike. - Joe
But? - RepoRat
No surprise (I hope) ALA Committee on Legislation and the Washington Office will have a resolution on SOPA, RWA, PIPA, and OA at Midwinter. Time to throw some weight around on the public interest side, says I. - Aaron the Librarian
Probably ill-advised, but here goes: - John Dupuis
And it seems Cameron Neylon had about the same idea a bit before me: - John Dupuis
I just sent this thread, with some quotations from posts, to my mother, who is the primary faculty member I serve (she's a physician at the university, clinical track, not tenure track, but she knows people who are more involved in scholarly communication in medicine, AND she's planning to do a Grand Rounds on open access later this year). I shall be pestering all you smart people to help out with that. - laura x
Happy to pitch in, of course. - RepoRat
Same here. Even C, the paradigmatic absentminded humanities scholar, is pissed as hell about this, and SOPA too. (I had to tell him today that the Modern Language Association is a member of the AAP. Heh.) - Catherine Pellegrino
The American Chemical Society is also a AAP member. The rate increases you saw last year are probably for buying SOPA lobbyists this year. - Andy
From BoingBoing: (Umm, BB links to my post...that's a first!) - John Dupuis
John, I'm going to totally steal that list of associations for my post. If SOPA is passed, feel free to file a complaint. :P (I kid. Totally giving credit to you!) - Andy
Feel free, Andy. CC-BY-NC FTW! - John Dupuis
There's a bunch of University Presses that are AAP members as well, including the University of Tennessee. *side eye to Jason and Colleen* - Andy
There isn't too much on the RWA yet because it's only been referred to committee at this point. - Andy
I just remembered that I'm going to the big transportation conference in DC later this month. I know Elsevier, Springer, ICE, and other will be there. As will researchers. I think I should do something. So much of the stuff the big boys publish is publicly funded and this is a huge issue. - kendrak