Rachel Walden
Thought some of you might be interested - Vanderbilt libraries have an opening for a Director of Scholarly Communications - http://libstaff.library.vander...
heh. - jambina
Interesting, in addition to the more-traditional Scholarly Comm stuff the position also supervises the Blackboard LMS manager... - Aaron the Librarian
Unfortunately I don't know anything else about it other than what's in the posting. - Rachel Walden
Blackboard. Now that's scholarly communication! - barbara fister
I waffle back and forth between thinking every scholcomm librarian should have something else to do because scholcomm offers so few opportunities (de facto) to work with other librarians... and thinking that these portmanteau jobs are copouts. Waffle waffle waffle. - RepoRat
i think having the LMS as part of it is an interesting move. i do a lot of advising for profs on how to best use ours (especially re: copyright and course reserves) and frankly would KILL to have some pull with the folks who run it (central IT. which at mpow, means monkeys who refuse to make decisions without a year of committees) - jambina
(yeah, central IT is like that at MPOW too. they're damn near as bad as the libraries!) - RepoRat
Chez nous, all the librarians do collection development, reference, instruction, and deciding how to handle the budget. (Okay, there are only six of us...) Then we each wear a special chapeau as well. It means we have lots in common, and we are all game to take on new projects - and nobody can say "this piece is mine" or "I don't do that; it's not part of my job." - barbara fister
Interesting that Blackboard is included in the PD, plus local publishing initiatives. Depending on the level of IT support, it could be either a really innovative or very frustrating job. - Elizabeth Brown
Yeah, I think it's a new position, so I don't know if they have a good handle on the actual day-to-day scope of it yet. I don't work directly with the folks posting the opening, so unfortunately I can't offer a better rationale. - Rachel Walden
Washington & Lee has an opening -- combo IR and other new digital stuff with e-resources management generally. At least there are two full-time staff reporting to this person. (Not bad for a lib arts college) http://www.oberlingroup.org/node... - barbara fister