Jason P
Attending a talk by uni president on Friday about "the future of learning." Thinking how best to ask an Apple DRM question in light of his plans to make us an "iPad campus."
Ask him if he's ever studied for an exam or done serious course work on an iPad. I have an iPad and I just don't think it would be as useful for that kind of work as a laptop. - John Dupuis
Is there an accessibility issue that needs to be raised? - Hedgehog
Possibly, but what I hear is that iOS is pretty friendly to the blind. I wouldn't have guessed either, but I keep hearing about blind folks who love them some iPhone. I would worry more about censorship; there's been some squirrelly stuff happening in the App Store and some of the ebook vendors in the iOSverse. - RepoRat
"Apple products are well-made and easy to use, but they are also tightly tied to Apple's corporate values when it comes to digital rights management and their single point of control over the App Store. How do we reconcile our values of open inquiry and academic freedom with Apple's corporate values?" - Steele Lawman
That is a great way to phrase the question, Steve. Re: Accessibility, iOS is pretty much the gold standard for mobile accessibility...if there is a way to make the OS better for a given issue (hearing, voice, visual, mobility) they have something baked in to do it. - Jason Griffey
Steve may have just nailed it. He hasn't actually announced any concrete plans with Apple (we're just getting word from my assoc dean), so I don't know how much he'll talk about it this week. I'll be surprised if it doesn't come up. - Jason P
Thanks guys. I think my response from the prez's point of view might be, "preferring and supporting the iPad doesn't prevent people from using other technology when appropriate. But settling on this one standard will help us move forward with a common technology, which, despite your valid concerns, is extremely useful, versatile, and omgsexy." - Steele Lawman