Draft of "Unintended Education" column for LJ attached (HTML file). Please check that you're okay with how you're being quoted and attributed; did I miss your blog link, or have a brain-o and misattribute some comments?
Marge has a blog: ; Otherwise looks good to me - Hedgehog
You can link me to if you want. - Rebecca Hedreen
you accurately reported my comments ;-) - DJF
I think that is what I said. - Joe from iPod
I've got a blog at (and one of these days I'll even post something new to it); otherwise looks good.. - Deborah Fitchett
Thanks, y'all. I'll pop those links in! - RepoRat
Also, DO ANYBODY NO Jaclyn's surname? - RepoRat
Oh...I do...hold on, in my inbox somewhere - Hedgehog
Coincidentally I was a a change management workshop today and one of the project groups was about getting an internship program off the ground. And I cetainly did mention that my time at the McGill science and engineering library was transformative for me. - John Dupuis
Her last name is Bedoya - Hedgehog
(btw, do you think my quote was obvious enough that I was talking about an internship/practicum experience? I would be ok with changing it if you want it to be clearer.) - John Dupuis
ty, Hedgie! John, up to you; if you'd like to rephrase, you're welcome to. :) - RepoRat
Science and engineering libraries are actually kind of cool places, something you may not understand until you actually work in one. I never imagined I would end up an academic science librarian until I did a practicum placement at McGill's Physical Science & Engineering Library. The experience completely changed my life and career. - John Dupuis
we do have a kookycool science library. i love it there. especially the PROVE ALL THINGS over the fireplace. - jambina
I love reading the thread all over again in the comments. The article will be linked for my students! - Marge LW
goddesses, it IS 5am! I meant "in the article". *yawn* *stretch* *rub eyes* - Marge LW
Corrected column is in. Thanks again, everybody. I needed something pleasant after last month's bombshell. - RepoRat
For the record, my fee for this column has been pledged to for . If the pledge drive fails, I'll apply the pledge to a different book. - RepoRat
^^^ what? who said you could do that?! I protest. Also, I love that the proceeds go to ungluing that book. - barbara fister
Well, y'all wrote the column for me. Seems wrong to take money for it. - RepoRat
a bit late but looks fine. - aaron from BuddyFeed
I'm responding past the deadline too - it looks fine to me. Thanks for sharing beforehand. - Elizabeth Brown
I can get an edit in if anybody needs one! I think I save them time by submitting in HTML. - RepoRat