Jason P
Recommended readings on best practices for creating library instructional videos? (articles or book chapters, OA preferred but not required.) Thanks!
I have seen articles on this (do you have access to a lib lit database?), but for examples and ideas try the ACRL PRIMO collection of instructional materials - there for the sharing - why create something new if someone else already is sharing it http://bit.ly/mZZnom - steven bell
Good idea, Steven. This is for an online class I'm teaching. I'll link to the PRIMO collection for sure. I do have access to a couple of LIS databases, and I have a couple of things I think will work as readings. I just wanted to get any awesome personal recommendations that LSW might have as well. - Jason P
Is the question "Best practices for videos" or "Best practices for library videos"? If the former, I'd look way and outside of libraryland to find good tutorials for video creation. - Jason Griffey
Hm, the context is library videos, but that's a good point. - Jason P
ANTS has a best practices in screencasting wiki: http://ants.wetpaint.com/page... (the whole project is open-source). - kaijsa
Not really best practices, but a nice writeup: http://www.istl.org/10-wint... - JffKrlsn
You guys are great. Thank you all. - Jason P