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In the past week I've now received phishing emails from *5* different librarians who've had their email accounts hacked one way or another. DON'T Be Next! Follow good password habits and don't click on links you think might lead somewhere bad! (As far as I can tell all 5 were unrelated)
Have you seen any write-up or anything on the hacks that I could use to point folks to when I'm warning them not to click on links? - WebGoddess
I know how 3 out of 5 got owned, and all three were different. One was a text message, one clicked a link in an email, and the other something something coworker did something er something. In general, don't click shit, don't reuse your passwords, don't give them to people, and sign out of web mail when you're not around.... See Also: - Blake
Ok - that does help, actually... Thanks, Blake. You da bestest! - WebGoddess
Oh, also, I got hit by a driveby dropper yesterday on my work computer. Remember ANY website can suddenly start trying to do bad things to you. I was looking at a new site from LA and suddenly BLAMO... I saw Java starting on my computer and by then it was too late. Took me most of the day to clean it up. Lessons learned: Any good site can go bad at any time. Keep EVERYTHING updated. Surf with Javascript turned off. - Blake
Yahoo is getting slammed. To clarify coworker thing (yes, that was me, I admit it), I got spam from coworker. I knew it was spam, I was reaching to delete, but new tablet with touchy screen instead opened email and hit link before I'd had a chance to stop. Bah! I changed password, but it was too late for first wave to go out. I then changed it again. Coworker NEVER changes her email, and still isn't sure she's changed it to something strong. I've asked her to remove my personal email from her contacts. Bah! - Louise "Weezy" Alcorn
Blake: I'm confused. Java or Javascript? Keeping Java turned off in Firefox: Sounds good. Turning off Javascript: Well, for one thing, there goes the ability to expand Friendfeed conversations... - Walt Crawford
And I see that, with the latest update for Java, Firefox is no longer tagging it as a vulnerability. But for now I'll leave it--but not Javascript--disabled. - Walt Crawford
Java or Javascript? *Both* I know going Javascriptless is a PITA, running the NoScript or ScriptNo plugins (addons? Whatever they're called) makes it much easier. Uninstall Java unless you need it. Run something like NoScript for JavaScript (This WILL be annoying!). - Blake
(blake is hardcore) - Marianne