Rachel Walden
I was thinking I might be good for submitting something to this: Informed Agitation: Library and Information Skills in Social Justice Movements and Beyond - http://radicalreference.info/blogs... Anything I should consider about the editor, publisher, etc.?
(also, I've never submitted something for a book before) - Rachel Walden
do it! - jambina
Thanks, Steve - not sure who those are off the top (we're pretty isolated in medlibs), but will look into it. - Rachel Walden
Appreciate it. - Rachel Walden
RadRef people are good people. The ones I know, anyway. - barbara fister
I don't know much about Library Juice, so comments about that welcome as well. - Rachel Walden
Melissa, who is the editor, is a friend and an occasional participant here in the LSW room. I know her from RadRef, and she's great. - laura x
I don't always agree with Rory, but I think Library Juice Press puts out very nice books. - laura x
I'm just seeing this now (not that I would have had an unbiased response to the question about the editor. Which is me). Thanks, Laura X, and yes! If you are moved to submit something, please do, and feel free to get in touch with me directly with any questions or ideas. - Melissa M
Awesome, thanks, Melissa! I had forgotten you were on here. I'll be in touch. - Rachel Walden