Kathryn is a free elf
I am after web-based taxonomy creation software (with RT, BT, NT) for work colleague to use for thesaurus-creation exercise for student assignments. Anyone have something up their sleeve? A second-best would be something downloadable that works for both Mac and PC. With a quick 'n' dirty search I cd not find stuff she had not already rejected.
what has she already rejected? - kendrak
Anything on Sourceforge where I directed her for stand-alone software. She was looking over my shoulder when I searched, so unsure which particular other sites (except something Australian, something from the UK Archives(?), something from Germany). I suspect product will be mindmapping software or scratching a non-library itch for a coder...or something else sideways to purpose... - Kathryn is a free elf
Bumping up again. Anyone have any suggestions? - Kathryn is a free elf
Might be something SKOSsy out there: http://www.servinghistory.com/topics... - RepoRat
Thanks. I am amazed that there is not something simple and elegant out there like a mind-mapping software on steroids - Kathryn is a free elf
Assuming she is looking as the one we used when I was her student is no longer available?? I remember using it but can't remember it's name. It wasn't web based of course. #nothelpful - suelibrarian
Not web based but MultiTes is great. - Laura Norvig from iPhone