Molly Westerman
Oh wise ones: what particular articles, blog posts, books, etc. would you include in a cram course on reference & instruction librarianship? As you know, this is so not hypothetical. (And no, I'm not actually cramming; I'd just like to do some reading as I go along during my first months working in this environment.)
There is a certain appeal of the "Bear Grylls" approach to reference. That being dropped into the environment with just your training should get you to recognize what is around you and utilize it to survive. But, I'm a person who learns by doing, so I'm all biased. - Andy
What I didn't learn through mentorship and the University of Trial and Error, I learned from my friends here. Specifically, Iris Jastram's posts on teaching and learning: and classroom ideas: If you'll be teaching first-year students, she has ideas about them, too: Steve Lawson is another fantastic teacher I strive to emulate: but it's harder to mine his blog for specific categories. EDIT: Okay, so Steve beat me to it. :) - Catherine Pellegrino
I love Conducting the Reference Interview There is now a 2nd ed. - maʀtha
Thanks, people! I do read Iris's & Steve's blogs (I was very pleased to notice the latter's resurrection when a colleague emailed me a link recently!). And I was wondering whether we'd get to have another Iris lovefest, sparked by my question. Iris, maybe I should just sit next to you for a while in hopes of absorbing your awesome via an osmosis-like process? - Molly Westerman
You'll have some great colleagues who've thought a lot about instruction and would probably welcome the chance to talk over some of this stuff with you. You're also more than welcome to hop across the river. You could sit in on classes we're teaching, or just sit down with a bunch of us. We LOVE talking about instruction. :-) - lris
Also, Catherine neglected to link to a couple of good categories of posts: and :-) - lris