holly #ravingfangirl
you guys. our new library website went live this week. along with it is a public Minecraft server. the guys in the IT dept got a hold of the plans for our main library AND BUILT IT. they are still working on getting the inside done. geekery at its finest, folks.
your IT dept is full of win. - RepoRat
they most certainly are (note: i am biased because i live with one of them. :)) Info if you are a player and want to check it out: http://fvrl.ent.sirsi.net/client... - holly #ravingfangirl
Just like real life, I'm sure it has Creepers. http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki... - Andy
it's a public library - of course it has creepers! - holly #ravingfangirl
I'm sure they just want to get near you and, uh, explode. - Andy
Even though I have root, I wish I could do stuff like this (and have it count). I miss those days. Awesome work, FVRL. - Julian
That's freakin' awesome!! - WebGoddess
Mr. 12 might want to blow it up. - Joe
heh. there may be measures in place to prevent that. ;) - holly #ravingfangirl
never doubt what interested people with a little time on their hands can do (or undo) - Aaron the Librarian
never doubt an admin who has been a minecrafter server admin for years. ;) - holly #ravingfangirl
Awesome! - bentley
that is cool. - royce
I just emailed the admin to request access for my kid to the server. Gee, I really hope they whitelist his name for it. - Joe
Kid stopped for a visit. We did snap some pics to prove he was there. Will upload them later. He wondered what is the deal with he door at the top.... - Joe
Here are some pics from our vacation to visit the library. http://ff.im/1cOjHq - Joe