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Publicizing SOPA stuff to your staff: Given that Wikipedia is planning to go dark for 24 hours on Wednesday, it occurred to me that it might be good to warn our library staff about it, on the theory that not everyone is as obsessed with internet policy as I am. Here's the email I sent out:
This is just an FYI as it occurred to me that we may well get patron questions or complaints on Wednesday--my apologies if you already know all about this: - laura x
Wikipedia (along with a number of other sites) is planning to shut itself down for 24 hours this Wednesday as a protest against SOPA, the Stop Online Piracy Act. SOPA (the Senate version is called PIPA, the Protect IP Act). As you might guess, the idea of the act is to stop piracy by making it possible to "blacklist" or shut down sites that host pirated content. - laura x
Critics--including a lot of major websites--say that the effect will instead be to cripple them, and cripple access to information in general, because the law would mean any site with anything on it that might possible be piracy could be shut down entirely (so, like one pirated video on YouTube would mean YouTube would disappear). - laura x
I imagine Wikipedia and other sites participating in the protest will have explanatory statements on their sites, but I am also guessing we may get patron questions, so it's probably best to be prepared. - laura x
I then linked to this article from MSNBC: and blog posts from the Swiss Army Librarian: and Jessamyn: - laura x
I put something on our internal blog this morning, and we may be putting a copy on our for-users blog as well. - Deborah Fitchett
Laura, this is fabulous. Would you mind if I copied much of your language wholesale (with appropriate credit, of course) in an email to the librarians at MPOW? - Catherine Pellegrino
Help yourself! I am officially releasing all the above wording into the public domain. Copy, adapt, and promulgate as you wish! - laura x
Thanks, Laura. I'm in the closed library today working on stuff and was just thinking I should warn my colleagues. - kaijsa
Awesome. Thank you! - Catherine Pellegrino from iPod
Thanks, Laura. I'm posting this to our intranet blog. Good idea! - Jason P
Oh, look, stuff to help me explain this to my students. thanks! - maʀtha
And for an extraterritorial perspective, "Why Canadians should participate in the SOPA/PIPA protest": - DJF
According to SOPA, all IP addressed issued by an organization based in the USA are deemed to be "domestic". The only problem is that IP addresses are not issued nationally, but regionally. The USA-based organization that issues IP addresses, issues addresses for the USA, Canada, and most of the Caribbean. So, the Canadian FEDERAL GOVERNMENT network will be deemed to be a domestic USA website. - DJF
I am aaaaaaaall eyerolled out. FFS, Congress. - RepoRat
well, they are rather proud of the fact that they don't know how this shit works. - DJF
Thanks, Laura. You just made it super easy for me to get a post up quickly on our reference blog just now. - Stephen Francoeur
Is there a page somewhere with a good list of participating sites? - Rachel Walden
there's a signup somewhere, lemme find it - RepoRat
Oh, I just found one here. - Rachel Walden
beat me to it! *g* - RepoRat
thanks for checking, though! - Rachel Walden
Alright, staff notified by email that they may get questions about this, with a couple of background links. Note posted to our FB and Twitter that people should not expect to use Wikipedia tomorrow, and will also be unable to get their LOLcats, reddit, or failblog fix. - Rachel Walden
Hee! I just sent out an email to staff, but I'll be posting to the internal blogs, too. Thanks for the links Laura! - John: Thread Killer
I sent email to the state listserv. Thanks, Laura! - ~Courtney F
just borrowed this for our staff blog. thanks, Laura! - Christa
Email sent to the librarians at MPOW. Thank you, Laura! - Catherine Pellegrino
Also: is the site that I've been following for info. Good infographic, good video, etc. - Jason Griffey
Thanks so much Laura! Have just sent out to all libfolks. - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Thank you, Laura! I sent out the links to the all-campus faculty listserv on this, and following a cue from @LibraryStuff, added "Wouldn't this be a great time to remind your students about the library?" (It's Finals Week for our J-Term right now.) - Sara Q. Thompson
Working on a post for our library blog now and sending an internal e-mail for staff. Thank you for facilitating this. (Now I hope I do not get in hot water over this. Please, don't ask-- not publicly at least). - Angel R. Rivera
For what is worth, here is the post I made for our library blog. I tried to combine the best of so much good thinking out there. If it helps anybody out, cool. And yea, this can be a good time to remind our students of other resources, even as we make them aware of issues like SOPA. "Wikipedia and other sites to go dark for 24 hrs on Wed. 1/18/12" - Angel R. Rivera