7:19 pm, central time. If you're watching TV right now, switch to CBS. Amazing Race is doing a library challenge in Moscow. They have to find cards in the card catalog from a list of books, then find the books in the stacks. And it's all in Russian. And it's a large card catalog room.
There. - Meg VMeg
So I guess Russian stacks are open? - Meg VMeg
Someone took the one team to the right room. I can't tell if they're open to all. - bentley
Fascinating, I wonder what the dominating organizational element is (author? title?). Or are there multiple rooms. - Meg VMeg
The location on the cards seemed to be Letter (equal to Room, maybe?), then Aisle # and Shelf Section # - bentley
Ah, must be closed stacks (this looks a lot like the Library of Congress). Also, I think my broadcast must be delayed compared to yours. - Meg VMeg
Maybe you had a different football game in your market, so the schedules aren't synced. - bentley
That was neat. - Meg VMeg
The last two teams were going to do the library challenge, but they're 10 hours behind the rest of the pack and the library is already closed, so they're going to do the synchronized swimming. - bentley
We probably will only see this series in a year's time .... currently Series 19 is showing on SA television. And this is series 21. - Ingrid Thomson