I work in an academic library. My boss & I were discussing how to handle staff members who speak loudly "on the floor" but who are resistant when told about their behavior. Any suggestions?
Handle it the same way you handle staff members who are resistant about being asked to modify any other aspect of their behavior? (which is to say: I have no idea how you WOULD handle such a situation, which is why I'm not a manager. Thank goodness.) - Catherine Pellegrino
Alternatively: get a student to shush them. (not entirely kidding.) - Catherine Pellegrino
Yeah, I'm not a manager either. And my boss doesn't manage anyone besides me, so she can't discipline anyone. - YvonneM
Oh. Yikes. Yeah, that's a tough one. - Catherine Pellegrino
Do they just refuse? Or is it possible they have trouble hearing/hearing how loud they are? - Rachel Walden
I think possibly the second. The acoustics here are kind of wonky. They don't refuse point blank, but they'll just give her a dirty look or make a smart-alecky comment. :0/ - YvonneM
Fire and/or behead them. Sorry, I'm not helpful. #threehoursofsleep - kaijsa
squirt bottle. - henry
Complain to their supervisors? - Meg VMeg
I've a colleague whose voice booms from the other side of the floor when the person is on duty - have been known to phone up and say hey, we can hear you this side. Had students shush staff as well... - Ingrid Thomson
Go to *their* supervisor(s). And then the level above that. And so forth. Assuming it's a battle you find worth fighting, because they will likely never forgive you. - Mark Kille
Thanks guys. :0) - YvonneM
If it's happening on the desk, and informal communication isn't working, it's a performance issue and should be trated that way. /managerhat - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤