Christina Pikas
Open thread - tell me your library poop stories so i can compile them for the carnal carnival (due tomorrow)
I've stepped in someone else's poop. That was a fun day. - Andy
for example, we had a guy in the publib who would crap in a paper bag and leave that in the magazine section (on the floor, luckily not in the magazines). We also had some fingerpainting in the restrooms, but that's not as much fun. - Christina Pikas
@Andy - in the library or outside? - Christina Pikas
This was before my time, but our library folklore tells of a patron who would leave poop sculptures on the floor of the men's room. - Jason P
@Christina: inside. - Andy
There was a massive diarrhea accident in the ladies' room once - it was actually quite impressive that the spray managed to cover the entire toilet and the lower half of the wall...and the woman just came right out to the front desk, told us that she stained her clothes and the stall, apologized to us, and then told us about her digestive problems. - Miriella
You paid her dry cleaning bill, too, didn't you? - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
My husband (not a librarian) caught a guy pulling down his pants about to poop in the stacks at our local library and apparently just frog-marched him out of the building. - Elaine is trying to write
that's gutsy. and @Miriella, ew! - Christina Pikas
My full story: I was sent into the bathroom to investigate a smell. I got a step or two into the stall before I realized the clear liquid on the ground was not water. Well, it probably was water, but water that had passed through a human digestive system, based on the additional evidence on scene. My brain signaled a retreat and our maintenance guy earned his hazard pay that day. - Andy
Christina: I guess there are benefits to being 6'/210lbs. :) His amazement in telling the story later, BTW, was that nobody seemed to notice him walking/dragging the guy outside. - Elaine is trying to write
At the old place, one of our patrons had taken a card catalog rod to help extract what I have been told was an amazingly long coil of shit, which was, I believe, uncoiled along an upper ledge of a men's bathroom. I only heard the story immediately after it happened and have often been sorry that I did not go in for independent verification. Knowing the patron, I have no doubt that the story was true. - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
Oh guys... the stories I could tell. See, my dad worked in libraries for 26 years, but not as a librarian. No he was a facilities guy. Just one example. Once, a drunk guy wandered over into the corner of the library, dropped trou, and shat. Simple as that. I guess that was the place he figured one needed to go. - Dan: Bibrarian
keep 'em coming :) - Christina Pikas
(Grateful that though I've dealt with naked people sleeping on reference desks, drunk folks, sexing folks, and removing thongs from the library, I have not had a poo incident.) - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
Bloody hell. I hope someone makes sure that intending LIS students hear these stories... - Bill Hooker
Ok, i'm going to start writing up now - not to say you can't suggest more later. I'll update the post if necessary :) @Bill, maybe it's best if we don't share *everything*, lol. - Christina Pikas
One of our maintenance guys had a "life changing experience" in the men's bathroom a few week's ago. I couldn't get him to say what he found. For a long-time maintenance guy to say that--it must have been something. - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
We don't allow non-service animals in the library. So, a year or so ago, one of our reference assistants sees someone come into the library with one of those really scrawny, nervous little dogs. The patron turns the corner after coming into the library and starts walking towards the group study rooms. The ref assistants catches up to the patron and tells him (her? I can't remember) and tells him that he's going to have to take the dog out of the library. While walking towards the door, the dog squats and craps on the carpet. Fortunately, it was a small dog. Anyways, that's why we don't allow dogs in the library. I think we've had two dogs enter in the 10 years I've been there and one of them has made a mess. - John Dupuis
I'm just going to say it: This thread is very odd. - maʀtha
One of the best threads in the history of FriendFeed FTW! - Bora Zivkovic
The library was always the best place to take a dump at GaTech. Decent-sized library in a somewhat central location with a bunch of random bathrooms. Private and mostly clean. I guess that's not very interesting. LOL. - Rahsheen
This thread was unexpected... - Benjamin Tseng
This is what social media is all about... Oh, wait, Christina already published her post: "Craptacular: stories of poop in the library!" - Cesar Sanchez
I'm going to add John's story- I'm just waiting to see if there are any more - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Geez, I don't log in to FriendFeed for a few days, and look what I missed! Ah, well, I've learned my lesson. - Megan loves summer
When you work in Children's Services, poop is pretty much a weekly explosion. My personal favorite at my old library was the "turd trail" some little munchkin left. - Marge LW
Carnal Carnival #1 – Essentials of Elimination - Bora Zivkovic