Anyone have a favorite library logo?
this is quite nice: - maʀtha
I find myself liking Madison Public's new rock-garden thinger: - RepoRat
Of course, this would be good: - maʀtha
Oooh, I like that RR - maʀtha
Big improvement over the Yet Another Stylized Red Book they used to have. - RepoRat
I kinda like ours. It's the central part of the main building, overlooking the river. - bentley
Yeah, I'm afraid we will end up with Yet Another Stylized Book. - maʀtha
Linkity, please - maʀtha
our official logo is the boring university logo (university policy) our mascot, on the other hand, was designed as a result of a student contest, and Lila's awesome :) - ~Courtney F
Lila is awesome! - maʀtha
Whoops. Sorry, forgot to paste the link. For some reason, I can't find a big one on our site (didnt look very hard), but I found one elsewhere. - bentley
Here's a photo of the real thing, the side facing the river and the bike path. - bentley
I want one with a turkey - maʀtha
We're using Crowdspring. This should be interesting. - maʀtha