Covering my social media bases to let you all know I accepted a job with the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped as a Librarian-Collection Specialist this morning. Thanks for all of the help and support so many of you have provided me with since I started this particular job hunt process over two years ago.
Congratulations! - LB needs a break.
Oh, hey, I used to know some of those folks! Good people. Congrats. - RepoRat
Congrats! Does this mean you're moving to D.C.? - John: Thread Killer
Congrats! - Katy S
YAY!! - Alix May from FFHound!
Congratulations! - Anne Bouey
Congratulations! - Jennifer Dittrich
Thanks all! And, yes, it does mean I'm moving to DC :D In a month. Which means I have to pack up a 2 bedroom apartment. To likely move into a place 1/4 of the space. If I'm lucky. :falls dead: - Katie
Congrats! - Mary Carmen
congrats! and good luck with the move - Sir Shuping is just sir
congrats! - ellbeecee
Congratulations!! (I have peeps in DC if you need support or moving help, just lemme know) - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
Congrats. Can you DM Me about a project I am looking to do... - ♫Maurice the Dolphin♫
Then it's settled, I need to go to CiL next year so we can hang out. :) - John: Thread Killer
Wowza! Go you! - laura x
That is great. Congrats. - Joe
rock on! - jambina
Colleen, I'll DM you :D John, you totally have to come. I probably won't go to the conference, but I will totally be crashing the lobby-con!! - Katie
Congratulations. I'm in the DC area. Let me know if you need anything during the move. - Alan
Congratulations! - Mark Kille
that's good news - VALZONE#SCREWED
That's awesome, Katie! Congratulations. - Jason P
Hooray!!!! Congratulations :) - Hedgehog
Congratulations!!! - Galadriel C.
YAY! - maʀtha
congrats! - imabonehead
Fantastic news! - YvonneM
sounds like such a cool job - maʀtha
awesome! - Megan loves summer
I didn't see this earlier...just saw the stuff about moving. Congratulations, Katie!! :) My friend Maura is in DC, too; she works at Georgetown. Let me know if you want me to introduce you - I'm sure she could give you advice finding a place and what-not! - Laura
Can I like this again? - maʀtha